Top10 not free but reasonable 3D Models company

If you want to print a model in 3D, it does not mean that you have to begin the whole process from scratch. This is because there are a lot of companies out there which provide such services if not free then at a very reasonable price. Whether you want professional 3D Models for film, CG projects, virtual reality, or games, you will find what you are looking for.


This company consists of one of the largest car, weapon, and electronic models in the world. It has a total of more than 1500 assets, apart from that; it also has a variety of 700 vehicle brands. It provides different file formats and a wide selection of car blueprints which users can play around with. If you need readymade images of the purchased 3D Models, there are always useful Clipart images which you can work with.


If you are after online 3D Models, this is the perfect resource for that. The company has recently opened an online store, which is basically meant for people looking to monitor their work. The store also has a model inspector who is unique; it is also a powerful browser which allows the review of every aspect of 3D characters in real time. It provides the creators with an opportunity to show off their models without necessarily using the presentation materials.

CG Trader

This company is among the leading digital art libraries, and it is also the largest creative resource for gaming, VR, CG graphics, and AR. This company provides its users with thousands of assets, and these may range from professional high quality to the low poly 3D Models. If you are looking virtual reality 3D characters, this company will provide you with a wide a variety which you can choose from. Users are allowed to filter those models based on the polycount, rig, and format or animated. It also provides its users with a wide selection of low poly 3D characters and professional high-quality 3D characters. Its categories involve an architect, interior, cars, textures, character, exterior, and more.



One of the most time-consuming processes in graphic design is developing the 3D characters. By using the high-quality models offered by TurboSquid, you will be able to avoid wasting time constructing your 3D animations. By purchasing this, you will able to save a total of 27 hours, and this will give you more time to design your 3D animations tailored to your creative personality and project. TurboSquid provides its users with a variety of 3D model categories used by advertisers, creative professionals, game developers, and architects around the world.

Adobe stock

It provides its users with a wide selection of 3D models, materials, and lights. Apart from that, it also provides then with beginner Adobe stock as well as Felix tutorials for people who are not experts in this.


This company has 16000 and above 3D animations covering a lot of different content. It offers categories like human anatomy, d9gitised vehicles, 3D geography, and architectural landmark. This archive has 16500 models, which are of high quality.



This company has an approximate of 50, 000 3D textures as well as models. It sells more than 2 million items. Its categories include animals, nature, architecture, vehicles, fiction, fantasy, and electronics. They can be filtered by popularity, price, file type, and polygons.

Gelato VFX

This company was created to benefit everyone in the VFX industry. It has a new 3D scanning store which helps in producing images. This 3d outsource studio provides its customers with products like fruits, fabrics, and vegetables. However, their product range is increasing as the days go by.

iWin, Inc.

It is a game developer who specialises in developing and producing casual mobile, browser, and desktop games. The most loved games developed by iWin include Joni's fashion show and Jewel quest. It is also involved in 3D game outsourcing from companies around the world.

Electronic Arts

This is one of the largest gaming companies. This company outsources a large numb of art as well as game developers. And the outsources successfully deliver high-quality 3D character and animations.

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