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Game Factory is a seasoned game development company headquartered in Taiwan, boasting over two decades of expertise in crafting games across a wide array of development engines, including Unity, C#, C++, HTML5, Delphi, Java, SQL, Unreal, and CoCO. Our extensive experience extends to both mobile and PC platforms, with a strong track record in research and development, as well as game design and development for these diverse gaming environments. Please feel free to explore our previous projects, our games,or contact us for a detailed quotation for your project.

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"This is exactly the game we wanted and was proud to call our own. Very satisfied with both the game play plus the in-app monetization features. We counted on Game Factory's expertise, and they delivered. "

Our game "War Pirates" was made in large part due to Game Factory's founders - Eason and Sappy. War Pirates involves an 'immersive imaginative world' that can only be brought to life by a highly skilled creative director.

Really wonderful work with the graphics and action on "Endless Dungeon." An international quality game for a local budget. Consider us satisfied.