Meet Game Factory

A Global Top Game Development Company with a Passion for PC, Mobile, and VR Game developments.
We have the top management team in Taiwan (with over 20 years of experience in game development) harnessing the Power of Myanmar's Top Technical Talent for Exceptional Game Development with a cost efficient price.


Game Design

We do designing on various concepts revolving around Game production such as:character graphics, environments, music, UI elements (menus, HUD, controls), and storytelling.

Game Development

We focus on the production of high quality games at low rates and offer a wide array of services. We can assist you with various degrees of your game project, whether it's design, art, programming, or even the whole development process.

Full Level Production

Our teams have completed full level art productions for more than 30 game titles. This includes:

  • UI and layout analysis
  • planning and design of modular sets and concept arts in early production
  • 3D assets and VFX creation
  • Engine integration for post production

3D Animation

Our animation team is experienced in comprehensive animation techniques and cross platform production, and is capable to satisfy the most needs on the market.  We believe that only with passionate should a product reach its full potential -- to achieve this mission our team members are all gamers and artists themselves.

3D Assets

Our teams are committed to create various kinds of 3D assets through the most advanced techniques and tools up to date.  Our past experience allows us to handle a wide array of stylized assets on most of the popular game platforms.  Our work on vehicles, weapons, and interior assets have been especially praised in the past.

3D Characters

Game Factory's character production team, who are good at creating high-end realistic characters on next generation platform, have been working with many AAA developers in high-end character production projects; meanwhile, we have the extensive project experience in creating the stylized hand-painting characters.


We are familiar with the language of mobile game development. This means we can meet all your needs in Unity, C#, C, Delphi, Java, SQL and other development languages. Also familiar with the Unity game engine, if you are interested in us, you are welcome to contact us.

Unity 95%
Unreal 95%
C + + 93%
Delphi 90%


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Really wonderful work with the graphics and action on "Endless Dungeon." An international quality game for a local budget. Consider us satisfied.

Our game "War Pirates" was made in large part due to Game Factory's founders - Eason and Sappy. War Pirates involves an 'immersive imaginative world' that can only be brought to life by a highly skilled creative director.

"This is exactly the game we wanted and was proud to call our own. Very satisfied with both the game play plus the in-app monetization features. We counted on Game Factory's expertise, and they delivered. "


Taiwan is a small island, and the mobile game industry is a very close relationship industry. We know and have a strong relationship. And this is the best choice for you to cooperate with us. We are able to provide high quality products, complete on time, and have high integrity and trust. Our success is built on this belief, and we are very proud of our close contacts with industry friends.