Insights from CyberConnect2’s Founder Hiroshi Matsuyama: Concerns about Ownership of 9th Generation Consoles Like the PS5

In the era of 9th generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X/S, we see a multitude of game studios crafting their narratives in new hardware environments. Yet, Hiroshi Matsuyama, the founder of CyberConnect2, discovered in a recent survey among gaming specialist students and university students that only 10% own a PS5.

Matsuyama, known for creating acclaimed games like the Naruto fighting series and the .hack series on the PS2, noticed an interesting pattern among students – ownership of the Nintendo Switch stood at 90%, smartphones at 100%, PS4 at 70%, PS5 at a mere 10%, and Xbox at 1%.

His concerns stem from the belief that students entering the gaming industry should at least be familiar with new generation consoles, such as the PS5. Without this, they could face problems once they enter the workplace. In other words, whether or not one owns a PS5 could become a divisive factor for students entering the field.

Furthermore, Matsuyama expressed doubts about students’ habit of playing games on the Steam platform, suspecting that they might be overly reliant on it and may lack experience with PS5 exclusives like Final Fantasy 16. His views sparked reactions from some Japanese players who argued that it’s possible to work in a game company without owning a PS5, and there’s no necessity to experience all PS5 exclusive games.

In essence, Hiroshi Matsuyama from CyberConnect2 is sounding an alarm for students to take a closer look at the new generation consoles as part of their preparations to enter the gaming industry. His perspective triggered a wave of discussions, reflecting the expectations and requirements of the gaming industry towards new generation consoles.

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