Top 10 game outsourcing companies that use concept art

HALO's concept art is very strong

Concept art is one form of illustration that can be used for conveying ideas that are used in films, animations, video games, comic books, and any other media platform before it is being processed to the final product. It is mostly related to the world-building network that is used for inspiring developments and innovation of media products. This is not similar to visual development arts or concept designs. Concept art is mostly developed through numerous iterations, where several solutions are being explored before they are set on the desired final design. Concept art is not used to develop the work alone, but as well to show the progress of the project to the directors, investors, and the clients. Once the project comes to its end, the concept of art can be reworked and further used for advertising the materials. These are mostly mobile game development companies that provide absolute best CP values for mobile game outsourcing.


1.       The Silicon Studio Corporation

This is one of the biggest outsourcing companies that are in Tokyo, Japan, and it is majoring in the development of games according to the specifications required by the client plus a search of engines like much, Orochi, and xenko. This studio has as well been able to develop a product called YEBIS, which is designed in a visual library used in the 3D computer games. The silicon studio will definitely make the fantasy that is in everyone to be a reality as they are well equipped with everything necessary for achieving goals. Their studios are cutting edges and are divided into 4 main sections to enable successful and effective creation, development, and in time launching of the already made games into the entertainment market.

Their services are a good ad of high quality, and they include game development, mobile gaming, game design, and video game outsourcing. They have been able to develop over 30 games, for example, a battle of gods, king of the world, and many more that you can be able to get on their web.


2.       Aris Inc.

This is also referred to as the aris offer software development services as per the request of the clients that they have. They are mostly being involved in developing mobile applications, software engineering, websites, software testing, and graphic designing. The increase in demand brought about by an increase in the market has caused the company to look for a wide range of expert personnel and experience. This has as well been contributed by an increase in the team of employees that are well talented who play a vital role in implementing requests of the customers with maximum precisions. The one reason for game outsourcing is to save costs and time, and to develop a game with this company is very cheap than when you compare with other companies in the US or in China. If you are being constrained with finances, it is economical to develop a game with this company as you will be guaranteed a high-quality product within your expected period of time. There are competent and diverse numbers of experts working in this company that will make your idea to be effective and viable.

Professional painters will form an art studio

3.       Wicorp

This company was established in the year 2011, and it is among the top-ranked company in games outsourcing in Japan. This company has all along been a pacesetter in mobile phones and in web gaming. Due to it being productive and active in the market for many years, they have been able to interact and share ideas with many other technology companies in a place like Defold, Playcanva, and Unreal, where it has gained a lot of information and advanced services from them.

For surety of effectiveness for game outsourcing, the Wicorp has collaborated with the IPs and global publishers where they have created games of very high quality with vibrant content support as well with scalable backend.

The company has helped its clients with myriad remarkable services, including server operation and community management, and it has ensured that the games are running smoothly and effectively for the customers. This company has been able to develop over 30 games for clients more than 20 and has contributed a lot in developing games for big companies include; LINE, GREE and squire Enix and the company has over 6 000 000registered users, and it is making it to be confident with the capability it has towards designing and operating quality systems.

4.       Amata K.K Company

This company is specialized in providing game outsourcing and development of games services, and it handles mostly the categories of film and video and VR. It is an enduring company that is devoted to helping other companies in the whole world to create visual attraction and thriving games commercially in many genres and platforms across the globe from inception up to completion.

The company has a competent team of veterans that is well skilled in providing sound works, scenario, art, and programming outsourcing basing on the experience required every year. The team is always working towards delivering quality products and services within the time limit given by the client, and some of their clients are the Square-Enix and the Nintendo.

The service providers only offer skilled personnel here, and there is no need to pay them as you will only be required to pay for the project, and they can be hired for a given period of time to work for you until when the project is over.



5.       The stream-line studio

This company was established back in the year 2001, and it has been actively operating up to date. The company has been working with the goal of ensuring that the success of innovators and developers has been accomplished. This is only achievable through the formation of collaborations and partnerships in every stage of development of any product in external development.

Some of the partnerships that have been experienced here include the avatar, street fighter, final fantasy, and the marvel. The support that is being offered in the game development has been through the stages of pre-production, coding, post-production, animation, and game art.

This company is always working towards achieving your deadlines in terms of time while strictly being focused on solving your problems and making crucial submissions. The need of you searching for game development and designer will be met here as they are able to bring every client into the projects and it frees up time for the client as the internal team will take charge of all work that is supposed to be carried out on the crucial part of game development.


6.       Genium

This is generally a developing and recruiting big IT team and experts as to enable it to get access to the world-class level. Their aim is to meet every of the game outsourcing need, and the team is always passionate about delivering security, quality, and scalability, which should be maintained every time. When recruiting is being carried out, there is screening as well being carried out to find the best software developers in the company, security experts, and best developers are being recruited to compile the existing perfect team of workers for project delivery.

There are many existing games developed by this company, and one of the games developed, which is in the mobile phone video games for both android and iOS, is the Battle Camp. This game was developed for the WRKSHP, where they had to work on the vital performance assignment and resourced complex bug in this battle camp game.

The Genium as well worked when the game was on the testing stage, where they had to employ a prototyping approach for the quick examination of various concepts. Lastly, it has been involved in critical animations and for enhancing great performance by 200%.



7.       The Tose co. ltd

This company was established long ago in the year 1979, where it was basing on out sousing work from other existing companies that were majoring in game development in Japan and across the world by then. This company was in apposition to develop over 1100 games that are used by various platforms for many years in numerous game development stages, which include; graphics supports for full game development.

There are many companies in place that have worked together with the Tose Company limited, and they include; Dragon Quest and Enix, where it has contributed its forensic work in both games. Moreover, in many games, it is working on the preference of the company to continue being anonymous.

Other companies across the globe that Tose has managed to work with include; Avex network, amusement vision, Cyberfront, Gamepot, Konami, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Sega, Walt Disney, and Marvelous entertainments.


8.       Iron solution LLC

This company got evolved from the Tecmo Koel, which is a Japanese games publishing and development company. The company was established in the year 2010, where it used to offer 2D game art outsourcing, development of engaging products by itself, and 3D game art outsourcing. The services offered in the 2D art games art included; infographics, concept art for game advertising, print, web, and films. This company has been in apposition to offer assistance to its clients with every project that requires a visual concept, starting from the game concept up to its fully equipped 3D model and game settings.

The company has been in partnership with clients from many countries like the US, Brazil, Germany, and the EU, where it has been able to come up with simulations, tablet games, and applications. Some of its products are the DIddl app, Neocronx, and Bergrettungs simulation. The company is majorly involved in the development of 2D and 3 D art for game character, interface for a graphical user, environment setting, and props. As a result of the complex in-game development that entails both technological and digital art, artists have to be adaptive and flexible enough to shift situations, and iron solutions are suitable to make these achievable.


9.       BeetSoft Company. Ltd

This is a 3d design expert, IT consultancy, games outsourcing, and BPO company that carters for their clients through the provision of good services and high-quality products at relatively affordable prices. The experts working in this company have a very wide experience of over five years in active operation in the industry and are capable of delivering the best. The company has always been working to achieve success for its clients in their various fields of specialization. Recently, the BeetSoft Company has been able to grow rapidly to the extent of starting new offices in various places, including Vietnam and Hanoi, where it has gained a workforce of roughly 500 new employees. This is one of the best art design and games developments outsourcing companies you can rely on for better results.


10.   Bandai Namco Ent.

This is a company that is well known for providing game services like game art, art design, and game art design, and it offers a wide range of content across the world with the help of its IPs. Some of its best works are the DRAGON BALL DOKKAN BATTLE that was launched in the ear 2015 in various mobile platforms. It has been able to get downloads over 200 million all over the world as per July 2017.

This company operates by using a unique type of system with quality features that enable it to produce a collection of games that are suitable for several consoles. For example, they use a long-running series with the help of IPs for the dragon ball, Naruto Shippuden, and Mobile suit Gundam.

There are others that are appealing to the wide audience, and they include, Taiko Drum Master and Tekken. This company can cater to every need of the customer, and in addition, the company has its advertising section that they do organize concerts and events to take your product to the clients. Gaming markets usually very wide, and the level of competition if high too, but this company has invested much in innovation to develop top-notch games hence making an advantage for you.




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