Video Game Programmer Salary for 2019

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Many people would love to become video developers, but the process of becoming one is not easy. Video developers are involved in coding complex algorithms, modifying the programs, testing, and coming up with a video game. Therefore, the skills required for video programmers are quite many and advanced. Video programs are one of the highest paid in the industry. However, their salary depends on several factors and on the game studio they are working for. Read on to understand more about video programmer salary for 2019.

Video game programmers

1. Job descriptions for video game programmers

Video game programmers do various tasks. They include;
• Designing and modifying software for games
• Sourcing visual development environments
• Coding in real time
• Programming the video games
• Testing the video games before they are released to the market.
• Documenting software used for video game programming.

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2. Factors that affect video programmer salary

The salaries are different from one programmer to another. The difference is due to various factors which include;
• Experience whereby if the programmer has been in the industry for many years, they will have a higher salary. But for beginners, their salary is lower, and it increases as they gain experience. Many studios argue that experienced video programmers will be able to design high-quality videos that are competitive in the market.
• The size of the studio. For large video game companies, that are well developed, they will offer higher salaries. Studios such as Konami offer a salary of over $100,000 per annum.
• The credentials of the video game programmer. A video game developer should be a very knowledgeable and highly skilled individual. If you have a degree in video game programming from a college or university, you will enjoy a high salary. But if you haven’t received any certificate in video game training, your salary will be low. The top video game studios are always looking for the most qualified programmer in terms of education and training.
• Area of expertise. In the video game programming world, there are different levels of expertise. If you have a senior position in the studio, your salary will be higher than your junior counterparts.
Additionally, there are various types of video game programmers. They include graphics programmers, technical programmers, front-end programmers, and server programmer. Each type of programmer is paid differently, as the video game art involved are varied. For instance, Jatex pays its server programmers more than other types of game programmers.

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3. Finding video programmer jobs

Today, many video programming jobs are available than in the past. The demand for video games has increased; hence, more game programmers are needed in the market. Finding a video programming job is not difficult.
You can find a job by searching online. Make sure you select the country, state and the type of programming you want. If you want to work for specific studios such as Game Factory, you should visit their website and check if there are any vacancies.
When finding a job online, it is important to consider the salary offered. With this, you will be able to concentrate on the only jobs that suit you. You should make sure you have a complete professional profile to compete for the high salaries. In your job search profile, you should include the years of experience, the area of expertise, the schools you attended, and the salary you want.

4. An overview of the salaries

The best way to breakdown salary details for video game programmers is through their experience. Here is a detailed salary review, according to Glassdoor and Pay Scale.
• Entry level video game programmer salary
The entry-level positions are the lowest paid as they do not have enough experience. Their salary is about $60,500 per annum, which is equal to $5040 per month. The entry-level positions include programmers and engineers that have worked for less than 3 years.
• Junior programmers’ salary
The level consists of lead/senior video game programmer and engineers. They have an experience of 3 to 6 years in the gaming industry. They are paid an annual salary of $86200 and $7180 per month. However, those with an experience of more than 6 years get $120,000 per year.
• Senior video game programmer salary
The last one is the senior level. These are technical directors, engineers, and programmers with experience of more than 6 years. They have quite an impressive salary, but it takes patience and determination to reach this stage. They are mostly hired by large studios for 3d outsourcing. Their average salaries are about $125,000 per annum, which is equivalent to $10,400 per month. Their main work is managing an entire video game programming department.

5. Conclusion

If you want to become a video game programmer, it is important to know the demand and the salaries offered. The demand for programmers is high, and it is expected to rise as more games are being developed. You should also be ready to start at the entry-level salary in a reputable game development company such as Game Factory and be patient until you reach the senior level.



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