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Market Expansion


Millions of people worldwide play video games. For this reason, this industry tends to shift every year. There are always new console releases yearly. Because the demand is growing, it's no surprise that profits from this game development industry are enormous. Game design companies such as Microsoft continue to earn millions of money.

However, this industry is not an easy one. Gamers eventually get tired of old video games and need an upgrade. Therefore, closure or staying stagnant for a long time is not an option for these design companies. Outsource game development is a competitive world, and only the best manage to beat the competition and stay in the market. Here are the top ten video game design companies.


1. Nintendo


Even before computers were invented, this 3D game outsourcing company was already in the gaming business. Before, they used to make play cards, toys as well as arcade games. However, they later joined the console game industry in 1979. Nintendo first started out by distributing the Odyssey console in Japan. Then later in 1981, they released their first video game, Donkey Kong.

Located in Japan, Nintendo is widely known for its consoles and gaming devices rather than its games. Apart from Donkey Kong, this developer has also designed other games such as Splatoon 2, Mario Bros, and Tetris, among others.


2. GungHo Online


It's one of those unreal engine developer companies that have built a fortune in online gaming. Although it started as a developer of an online auction site, today, it has developed many video games that gamers continue to enjoy. Puzzles & Dragons is a popular game that accounts for the majority of this company's revenue. It is the second highest-earning mobile game. GungHo Online not only publishes but also distributes network-oriented games for mobile, consoles, and tablets.

3. Valve Corporation


Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, it is a video game design company as well as a publisher. Valve developed Steam, which is a famous software distribution platform. Apart from Left 4 Dead, other games created by this unity developer outsource include Portal, Day of Defeat, Half-Life, among others.

Valve Corporation was founded was founded in August 24, 1996, by Mike Harrington and Gabe Newell. Apart from video games, this company also develops software like Source Filmmaker and hardware such as Steam Machine.


4. Ubisoft


Founded in 1986 by five brothers, this French video game developer continues to impress the market with its advanced games. Ubisoft is headquartered in Montreuil-sous-Bois in France. It has over 20 studios distributed in 18 countries. Initially, it was a software and hardware business operated from Paris. But its members later developed an interest in PC games. Some games designed by Ubisoft include Rayman Franchise, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon as well as Splinter Cell series.


5. Rockstar Games


Rockstar Games is a video game developer based in America. It started as a Take-Two Interactive subsidiary in 1998. Rockstar Games' headquarter is in New York City. And, it was founded by Dan and Sam Houser, Jamie King, and Terry Donovan, who were working for Take-Two at that time.

This video game development company is appreciated for a popular game, Grand Theft Auto. Other games they've created include Max Payne, Midnight Club, etc.


6. King


Initially, this developer designed games that users could play with their web browsers. That meant that users didn't necessarily have to download or install software to enjoy gaming. However, King later expanded its market and now produces games for use on social media platforms such as Facebook. With these games, this company makes money through micro transactions as well as in game advertising.


7. Sony Computer Entertainment


Sony Computer Entertainment is the leading company in interactive as well as digital entertainment. It is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. This enterprise was established in Tokyo in November 1993. It mostly designs PlayStations. Some of its consoles include PlayStation VR, PlayStation Store, PlayStation 4, etc. SIE has its headquarters in San Mateo, California.


8. Bandai Namco


Bandai Namco is a merger of two companies. Namco was a well-known arcade game company when it merged with Bandai, a toymaker, as well as a TV producer in 2005. This company has some of the greatest and popular console fighting games, including Soul Caliber and Tekken. This enterprise also released several games based on an IP owned by Bandai like Gundam.


9. Sega Games Co. Ltd


Sega Holdings wholly owns this enterprise. It was founded in 1940 and has offices in various places worldwide. It mostly designs console video games such as Ykuza, Total War, Sonic Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, to mention but a few.


10. Electronic Arts


It is a recognized brand in the gaming culture. Electronic Arts, widely known as EA, was established by Trip Hawkins, an Apple employee. It started by designing sports games, but it later expanded its genres. EA has several studios worldwide. And it produces or co-produces different games. Some of EA's successful games include Need for Speed, Fifa19, Sore, Anthem, etc.


Final Thoughts

Well, that marks our list of the top video game design companies of all time. If you're looking for a game development company, you can check out Game Factory. This company designs and develops games for both PC as well as Consoles.



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