Top 10 best game outsourcing companies

game outsourcing companies

Reasons to entrust game outsourcing companies

Outsourcing game development is the process of hiring out any process of a gaming business to the third party. In this regard, there are significant reasons why companies apply outsourcing game development.The gaming industry uses outsourcing basically to grow the company as its rate is increasing gradually. Here are the top 10 game outsourcing companies.

1. Silicon Studio Corporation

Silicon Studio is a remarkable game outsourcing company with its headquarters situated in Tokyo, Japan. It develops games according to the client’s specifications as well as search engines like Orochi, Mizuchi, and Xenko. YEBIS (visual library) is one of the top games designed by Silicon Studio for 3D computer games.
This game outsourcing companies has all you need to make your fantasy a reality. Their cutting edge studios are divided into four specific sections to enhance the creation, development, and launching of your coolest entertainment game.

2. Amata K.K

The company is among the best game developers that provide game outsourcing services. A team of experts in the industry is behind the success of game development in this firm. They provide programming outsourcing, art, scenario, and sound work based on the skills and experience they’ve acquired through the years. Several companies have benefited more as it helps them create good looking and commercially thriving games in different platforms.

3. Wizcorp game outsourcing company

Wizcorp is not only one of the top game outsourcing companies but among reputable firms in mobile and web gaming. Being in existence for more than ten years has allowed interacting with a variety of technologies such as Playcanvas, Unreal, and Defold. Wizcorp collaborates with global publishers and IPs to come up with high-quality games that are scalable backed and have vibrant content support. The company has developed popular games such as GREE, LINE, and Square Enix and, therefore, capable of designing and operating quality systems.


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4. Aris Inc

Aris is a game dev company that offers software development services based on clients’ requests. Some of these services include developing websites, mobile applications, graphic design, and software testing. The company has acquired a wide range of expertise and experience through the diverse demands of its customers.

5. Stream-Line Studios

The main objective of establishing Stream-Line Studios was to enhance the success of innovators and creatives. Perhaps they collaborate and partner with their clients in all stages of the product’s development. Their primary support in game development outsourcing is in pre-production, code, game art, post-production, and animation stages. The company focuses on solving problems and crucial submissions while striving to meet your deadlines.


Tose is one of the experienced game outsourcing companies with about 30 years of game development. Over the years, it has developed more than 1100 games for different platforms in various stages of game development. Some of the reputable companies that have partnered with Tose include Dragon Quest/Enix for nix, Walt Disney Japan, Nintendo, Konami, Gamepot, Cyberfront, and many more.


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7. BeetSoft Co.LTD

Apart from being expertise in game outsourcing, BeetSoft Company is also experienced in 3D design, BPO, and IT consultancy. They have been in operation for the past five years while striving to help clients succeed in their areas of specialization. Perhaps their customers enjoy not only high-quality services provided by the experienced team but also their affordable prices.

8. Bandai Namco Ent.

Bandai Namco provides a wide range of content across the globe through its IPs. It uses distinctive system features to produce a variety of games for several consoles. For instance, they use IPs for long-running series, i.e., Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball, and Mobile Suit Gundam. The company can cater to the need of a wider audience. Consequently, Bandai Namco has an advertising section used to organize concerts and events to help your product meet the right audience.


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9. Iron Solutions

Iron Solutions evolved from a Japanese game publishing and development company well known as Tecmo Koei. The company offers 2D and 3D game art outsourcing and also develops some of its engaging products.

10. Genium

Genius is a game development outsourcing company recruiting individual expertise in IT and enabling them to access a world-class talent. The client’s demand and expectations are put first, and that’s why they maintain scalability, security and high standards of quality all the time. The recruiting team screen focuses on three aspects; Developers, Security experts, and Software developers. All these are essential in recruiting the perfect team to deliver the client’s project. Genius is among video game outsourcing companies that have thrived in a video game for both Android and iOS.

In a nutshell, game design and development require exuberant creativity and exceptional skills to create high-quality content. At Game factory, our professional team is committed to developing 3D assets with the use of advanced technology. Our company was initially established in late 2016 with offices in Taiwan and Myanmar. For more information, visit our website to learn more about our services.



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