3D Character Management and Expenses

3d character

3D Character Management and Expenses

Status Quo of the 3D Character Application

3d character
3D Character Aplications

Mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and other gaming accessories have their demand on the rise in the world today. This is due to the increasing number of game consumers cutting across all ages. With the current advancements in technological fields, you will need to woo more players to your game by creating characters that are more real. 3D animation outsourcing is rapidly spreading with the establishment of several 3D outsourcing companies ready for hire. The increased number of 3D animation outsourcing companies are making their prices relatively friendly in the bid to fight existing competition. The creation of 3D characters is slowly eating away the 2D character games from the market.

The Adoption of 3D Animation in General Business

Advancements in technology have made it possible for the incorporation of the 3D characters in all spheres of the economy. The general businesses available in the market are much oriented towards adopting the latest improvement in technology to compete effectively. However, the major setback for these companies is the lack of qualified personnel to create the 3D animation required. As the manager of the company, you can persuade the management body to seek the services of a 3D game outsourcing company. For example, you may hire unity 3D developer for the solutions to your 3D animation problems. One of the best outsourcing companies is Game Factory which uses unity 3D.

The challenges of the Virtual Youtubers

3d character

The demand for 3D graphics content has created a wide niche in the market. To fill this gap in the market, content developers are coming up with virtual YouTube content featuring the main characters as 3D characters. With the increased numbers of virtual YouTubers, Kizuna Ai remains the most popular virtual Youtuber in Japan and the pioneer. The following are some of the difficulties faced by Kizuna Ai;

Ø Increased competition

Several other players are eyeing the market of YouTube content subscribers. Kizuna, therefore, has to be extra creative to maintain its subscribers.

Ø Strict rules governing YouTube content

The Kizuna Ai YouTube channel was banned back in January 2017 when Kizuna joked of her garments being purely holographic estimates, and she is technically naked always. The ban was later lifted in February 2017, and the subscribers of the content increased in number. To avoid further penalties, the YouTube channel needs to adhere to the terms and conditions.

Ø The Language Barrier

The videos uploaded by Kizuna Ai on YouTube are all created in Japanese. This barrier acts as a significant barrier to some consumers who do not understand Japanese. The A.I Channel goes an extra mile of creating subtitles for the content to reach as many consumers as possible.

Ø Most consumers are unaware of the YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel has approximately 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. This is a tiny percentage of the world population which fancies the 3D graphics content. The channel needs to diversify on its airing platforms to reach more audience

The Difficulty of Applying a 3d Character in a Single Frame

Most engineers formerly specialized in the creation of 2D characters. With the advancements and increased demand for 3D characters, we understand that you may be curious about how to create some on your own.

While creating the 3D characters, you are bound to experience some challenges which may include;

  • Time factor

The process of applying a 3D character in a single frame is very much time consuming as it involves several processes. Starting from the texturing stage to the final stage of animation, the involved parties use a lot of time to complete the creation.

  • Requires specialized equipment and software

To create the best of 3D characters, you will need to use specific equipment, for example, the computer. You will also need specific applications used for the building of 3D characters in a single frame. For example, Renerman, Vray, and Cinema 4D among many others

  • The requirement of qualified personnel

The application of a 3D character in a single frame requires the skills of qualified staff. The task is hectic with specific procedures and steps that require some qualification to push through. You will also need skilled personnel to run specialized equipment and software.

What is the cost of building a 3D character?

3d character
cost of a 3D character

The cost of building a 3D character depends on several factors. Consider the following factors which may prompt you to consider seeking the services of 3D art outsourcing companies;

Ø Time Taken

Creating 3D characters is time-consuming. The more time taken to build a character, the higher the prices are likely to be. For example, the ‘Merkava MK.4 tank created in 170 hours cost $3400 while Trump created in 100 hours cost $2000.

Ø The idea behind the 3D character

Creating 3D images of human beings is very much expensive compared to other objects. For example, Bela cost $1920 while Turret which is a fictional object cost $320

Ø Equipment and software used

Developed companies used advanced devices and high tech software to provide the best of 3D characters. Therefore you will need to seek the best in the industry to get the best-guaranteed quality 3D characters.

Building a 3D character can be a simple task. Delivering the best quality, however, can be hectic and expensive. You need specialized personnel to help you create the best content. Our company Game Factory based in Taiwan has established itself as one of the best 3D game outsourcing company in the industry.

Our prices are very friendly, and our products are among the best in the market. Feel free to visit our website for more information.

As an aspiring game developer, a current game developer, you need to create 3D characters for your game to gain more players. Our company, GameFactory is at your service.



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