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Every trade has its tools, and for a game developer, the device is a software platform. Several game developing platforms are available, which developers can utilize to create games for their chosen market. For example, take a company like GameFactory. It provides both mobile and desktop games. This means that the organization has to use a variety of platforms designed to create sets for the respective platforms. If you are looking for a suitable option to use in creating games these to 10 best platforms for game developers should be a good start for you.

1. Unity

Another platform that is good for game development outsourcing is unity. First, it provides tutorials that help new game developers get the hang of the work. Additionally, it has several features that you can get from their store effortlessly. One has to pay to get unity if they are working on commercial videos and images.

Unreal Engine

2. Unreal Engine

One if the most user-friendly software to use in developing games is the unreal engine. Newbies can benefit from this tool in that it is easy to use and avail plenty of features. Making changes to your creation is easy, and the software is compatible with several mobile and desktop operating systems. Best of all, this software is free, but users may have to pay some amount of royalties to the owner if they make profits exceeding $3,000.

3. Buildbox

If you are not familiar with coding, buildbox is your go-to tool. It comes in an easy to use interface that allows the user to drag and drop whatever they want to be included in the production. One thing that is disappointing about this option is that it is only useful in creating 2D graphics. For as little as $15 per month, you can create your projects using buildbox.

Construct 2
4. Construct 2

Are you looking for an ideal tool to help you create games for both 2D and HTML5? Construct 2 will help you come up with games easily, especially since no coding is required. More so, you can launch your product in more than one platform simultaneously, which lessens the amount of work you have to do when unveiling your creatives. Construct 2 is also suitable for beginners.

5. Fusion

This software is made for intricate creations. However, this does not mean that it is difficult to handle. Both new and established game development outsourcing companies, as well as individuals, can take advantage of it. The benefit of using this software is the number of add ons that come with it. Commercial game developers can use the software acceleration option if they want to hasten the production process.

6. GameFroot

This game art design is used over the internet and is useful in making games for HTML5 users. It does not have very appealing graphics, but if you can stand the sight of pixel sets, then this software will have you sorted. No coding knowledge is required before getting this software. It is a cool platform for learners who are just getting their footing in game development.

7. Coscos 2D

For those who are known to come up with small projects, Coscos 2D will help them actualize their vision. Unlike other software, this one can create anything as light as 1.5mb. However, it is limited to 2D art design, so anyone looking for 3D game outsourcing may have to check other options.

8. GameMaker: Studio

Android, OS, iOS, Ubuntu, and Windows UWP operating software platforms can all benefit from this game developer platform. Game outsourcing companies can use a single code base to come up with a game, then disperse the product on several platforms with ease. While this variation requires you to learn their language, it is relatively easy to learn.

9. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard is mainly a mobile gaming software, making it compatible with mobile phone operating systems. It is relatively new in the industry, which is why it is still offered for free.

10. Sploder

With a little creativity and a strong imagination, anyone can create an appealing brick game using this software. The array of tools available on in this software, making it easy to edit and restructure projects to come up with an engaging game. This software can be used by both newbies and established game developers alike.
Final Word
The internet is full of lucrative game developing options, regardless of what a game developer is looking for. As long as the user is willing to part with a few dollars, they will get hold of top-notch tools that will steer their career to the next level.



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