Top 10 Biggest Gaming Companies in Asia 2020

Top 10 Biggest Gaming Companies in Asia 2020

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The following is a list of the Top 10 Biggest Gaming Companies in Asia 2019

1.    Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the company was started in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi.

It is currently the biggest video game company with a value of USD85 billion.

The company is credited for developing games such as:



The Legend of Zelda

2.    Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

This is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, one of the biggest gaming companies in Asia, which was established in 1993 in Tokyo, Japan.

It deals with development, research, and sale of PlayStation, that is, its software, hardware, network, and content.

It is credited for PlayStation games such as:
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita

3.    Sega Games Co. Ltd

Founded in 1940 in Honolulu Hawaii, the company has its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. It is a subsidiary of Sega Holdings with offices around the world.

The company produces game consoles such as:
Sonic the Hedgehog
Total War

4.    Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd

Yasuhiro Fukushima started the company in 1975 with its headquarters in Shinjuku, Japan. As a result of its huge revenue it is listed on the Tokyo Stock Market.

Some of its notable products are:
Space Invaders
Bubble Bobble

5.    NCSOFT

Some of the games developed by this company are:
City of Heroes
Wild Star

The company has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, with T.J. Kim being the founder who started the company in 1997.

6.    Nexon Co.Ltd

Nexon is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan though it was started in Seoul, Korea. Its services include portal site planning, development and services of PC online games, and development and services of mobile games.

It has developed the following games:
Shattered Galaxy
Nexus Kingdom of the Winds

7.    Konami Holdings Corporation

This is a conglomerate in gaming and entertainment where it distributes products, develops video games and also acts as a publishing company.

Its products include:
Super Cobra

8.    Level-5 Company

The company was started in 1998 with its headquarters in Fukuoka, Japan. The founder, Akihiro Hino left Riverhillsoft to start Level-5 Inc.

Among many others, the company has developed the following games:
Professor Layton series
Dark Crowd series
Ni no Kuni

9.    Treasure Co. Ltd

The company was started in 1992 by employees who used to work for Konami Holdings Corporation. It has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Its products include:
Mischief Makers
Wario World
Gunstar Heroes

10.    Sonic Team

Abbreviated as Sega CS2 R&D, Sonic Team is a division of Sega Games Co. Ltd. It develops video games such as:
Phantasy Star Online
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic Adventure

Japan boasts of having the biggest gaming companies in Asia and the world at large.

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