Where do video games companies outsource

Where do video games companies outsource

Where do video games companies outsource

What you need to know about video game outsourcing

Most of the video functions such as programming, art, sound effects, motion capture and translation are normally contracted to other companies.

This game dev outsourcing is due to the realization that all companies have something that they are good at and hence will be able to produce quality work by engaging them.

The video gaming industry and more specifically the 2d and 3d game outsourcing has become very competitive due to the demand for 3d gamed in the market and the need to produce quality work.

Benefits of outsourcing video game development

•    It makes it easier to predict costs by reducing overall costs; Outsourcing the services of video development company helps you know all the costs that come with video development and what you need to pay as a result of the financial commitments that you will need to agree on with the company.You are also able to have reduced expenses such as salaries since you do not need to pay full-time salaries which are needed for full-time employees.

•    Neutral; a video outsourcing company is neutral and only gets committed to what they are instructed to do. A video outsource company should not be viewed as a competitor but rather as a neutral party that is meant to offer critical services at will help you produce quality work and have added advantage to your competitors in the video game industry.

•    A much larger pool of production equipment; video outsource companies have a better and larger collection of the necessary equipment necessary for the game development. This is due to their job specialization and which places them in a better position to do all the work that you need the right equipment’s and at the right time. This pool of specialized equipment is also meant to act as a guarantee that they have the capability and right tools to deliver quality work.

•    Specialized knowledge such as unreal engine developer, video editing and translation; Outsourcing helps you get the right talent and who are well aware of what you need at each stage of the video development.Their specialized knowledge also brings about the necessary efficiency that is needed to deliver quality work. Video development companies have a team of professionals that deploy their knowledge on your video as opposed to one person doing all the work on the video in the case of in-house game development.

•    Better experience as a result of doing similar work for other companies; their experience and exposure to doing similar work helps them deliver quality work and build on that reputation.

•    Get a new perspective; through outsourcing, you are able to meet and interact with new people who are different from your usual in-house staff and who view things in their own independent way and are able to give their own perspective about what they think of your video. Due to their experience, they are able to give their own thoughts to ensure that your videogame is innovative, and captures the reality of the new and dynamic world.

When you need outsource

•    When you need work done faster. This involves breaking the work into bits to ensure that you are able to concentrate with each work in bits and later consolidating the work at the end. The best approach is to outsource to the video companies and agree on a timeline.

•    When you do not have the specialized skills; this applies in most startup companies that are yet to develop their own in-house talents.This makes the outsource the services of established video development companies to help deliver quality work as a result of their skills and capabilities. Some of the specialized skills that you may need are; unreal engine developer and the unity developer outsource.

•    When you do not have the experience, like a videogame developer you might know what is expected in video game development but lack the right experience to do the work. this, therefore, becomes a critical time when you need to outsource video game development to the right and most experienced companies


The video gaming industry requires the right talent and specialization to ensure that the work quality matches the demands of the modern gaming world.

Video game outsourcing is a new innovative trend that involves seeking the services of an experienced and reputable firm to do a specific fraction of the job due to their experience, better equipment and the capability in doing video game development according to your requirements.

You, therefore, need to engage the services of a well-experienced gaming company that will deliver quality work and ensure you have value for your money

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We are able to develop and deliver quality work as per your specification and to ensure that our product serves you well and to your satisfaction. We are able to deliver our work to all our clients around the world at an affordable cost.



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