Top 10 Gambling Game Development company

Gambling Game Development

Gambling Game Development

Gambling also known as betting is the wagering of money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome. With the primary intent of winning money or material goods. According to (Statista), by 2020, the global revenue of the online gambling market will reach 60 billion USD. It is a 13% increase compared to 2017.

These factors have triggered online gaming development. And as a result, gaming software companies such as (GameFactory) have become more and more competitive. With the development process being as complicated and time-consuming as it is. Creating a successful online gambling game is no simple task.

Moreover, a lot of difficulties pop up along the way. An expert from (Playtech) comments, “You always need to go through compliance and make sure that user is not underaged and lives in a country where online gambling games are not forbidden”.

Stages of Gambling Game Development

Gambling game development goes through a series of stages. Thus, the entire lifecycle form the idea to game release includes the following:

-Brainstorming ideas

-Creating a prototype



-Release and maintenance

Brainstorming Ideas

The first stage of developing gambling games is to come up with an idea. To increase the likelihood of your concept taking off, market research, analysis, and planning are required. Based on thorough market research and analysis, identify the type of a casino game, theme, and its storyline.

An effective method of structuring your ideas is with a mind cap. Create a central concept that will be a starting point in representing your topic of interest. Then, add branches, keywords, images and comments. Such visualization will help capture the ideas and organize them properly.

At the brainstorming stage, make sure to investigate the technology trends that can help improve your future game. For instance, pay attention to virtual technology. It has come to casinos during the last years. VR games provide better bonus systems and improved in-game chatting options. They may help you your product become popular among a wider audience.

Another trend is crypto currency, a payment method that players and gaming software companies can both benefit from. Players can remain anonymous, carry out transactions faster, and pay minimum commission. Companies can increase their audience, skip a licensing stage, and pay no commission for multiple conversations.

Gambling Game Development

Tools for Gambling Software Market Research

For more effective market research, apply the following tools:

  1. Questback

It is a unified market research software. It is aimed at bridging the gap between the products, gaming software, and its audience by collecting data, analyzing gambler’s attitudes and trends, and tracking product adoption. Questback helps gambling software providers define demand, collect data from online panels, social media, or loyalty programs.

You can benefit from Questback even while brainstorming. However, it is possible to get customers’ feedback during the production stage, too.

  1. Loop11

It is a usability testing system that enables you to test any website or an individual page even your competitor’s. Based on the testing, this service creates heat maps and provides clickstream analysis. At first, Loop11’s usability tests are used before launching the game, and then you can run them multiple times after it goes live.

  1. Social Mension

It is a social media search engine that helps you track what people say about your social game’s topic across the website’s  social media environment and measures the results in real time. It covers such networks as Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, Google, etc.

Social Mention is used during the idea stage. The results shown by the system help understand whether the topic is popular among the gaming audience.

  1. FreeLunch

It collects worldwide financial, economic, and statistical data based on the industry and location. The platform collects gambling data from publicly available sources and gathers it in a single place. It can help determine the gambling game development cost. This tool can be useful during the market analysis stage once you have come up with the game topic and identified major competitors.

  1. SurveyMonkey

It helps you to understand consumer and market preferences through in-depth surveys. The service allows for the creation of surveys both for primary and secondary market research and provides ready-made templates. It helps gain insights on your product, conduct market segmentation, and analyze consumer behavior.

Just like Questback, SurveyMonkey is valuable during the idea stage. Additionally, it helps constantly monitor the nature of customers’ behavior after the game release.

Creating a Prototype

After conducting market research to support the idea, the creation of a prototype of the online social game takes place. The purpose of the online casino games development company is to build a skeletal structure, see how the game will look on paper, and design the primary version.

In the article on prototype creation, Todd Rivers, a technical artist and product designer at RDI Studio says that with a working prototype, it is easy to “feel” the game. He claims that a good prototype makes it possible to modify the look of the game quickly and “see if your first stab at the math is any good.”



Tools for Gambling Game Development Prototyping

The following tools will help gambling game developers during the prototyping stage:

  1. Framer

It is a prototyping tool that requires no coding knowledge. It enables you to develop and support UX flows, embed shapes, move images, incorporate text, gestures, and animation and export the ready code.

The price for individuals is 12 USD per month, for teams- 79USD and for companies, it is generated upon request.

  1. Marvel

It facilitates mobile and website projects. It allows you to upload JPG, GIF, PSD images, or import them directly form Google Drive, Scratch, or Dropbox. Marvel provides editing options such as resizing, altering background colors and it offers eight various prototype frames. There is also an option to optimize for different devices.

  1. InVision

InVision is another web-based service for collaboratively creating interactive mockups both for mobile and website projects. It allows synchronizing Sketch and Photoshop files and creating hotspots, previewing and controlling versions, commenting, adding mobile gestures and unique animation, and creating hover states.

The starter version is 15USD per month, professional -25USD, and team – 99 USD. The price for enterprises is generated upon request. There is also a free trial.

  1. io

It is a web-based service for creating game interface prototypes for website and mobile projects. It targets game designers and UX professionals. The benefit of this tool is that it requires no coding and is available to everyone.

The freelancer plan costs 24 USD, startup – 40 USD, agency 80 USD and the corporate plan approaches 160 USD monthly. There is also a free trial.

  1. Unity

It is a complete platform for designing all sorts of gambling games: mobile, social, instant, VR and AR, and others. Here at GameFactory, our designers and game developers use Unity Game Builder for mobile development, single and multiplayer games, intuitive UI, 2D and 3D games, game character design, and further tech support and maintenance.

There are three pricing plans. The plus plan costs 25 USD, pro – 125 USD. The price for personal is discussed in person.


Coding is the most important stage of gambling game development. During this stage, the team of gambling game developers, designers and artists work together to produce a single well-functioning piece of gaming software. Compared to the stages described above, this one is the most time-consuming.

Usually developers use gambling game development services and technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript frameworks, Vert.x, and MongoDB.


The final stage before releasing the game is testing to determine whether the application is ready to be launched. A critical eye is needed to find all in consistencies and make sure the game is complete before production.

The testing process is quite complicated. It consists of various techniques in connection with automation tools.

Final release of the Game

The game can only be released after it has undergone all the stages. However, projects require further support and maintenance, as well as testing all fresh updates. After all, gaming software companies have to continue researching and analyzing the market to find better opportunities.

Here are some of the best Gambling Game Developers.

Gambling Game Development

  1. GameFactory

Thus, GameFactory produces gambling games under the above mentioned process. GameFactory has a great track record of developing professional real money gambling projects and social casino games for various platforms. They offer unique product solutions that include multiplayer card games, slots, lotteries and other high quality gambling projects that are both entertaining and visually stunning to look at. Attractive interfaces and tight coed are the main ingredients to crafting great gambling software, and that is something GameFactory strongly believes in and always delivers.

Card Games

Playing cards is a load of fun that gets even better once you go online. There is nothing better than sitting back and immersing yourself in an enhanced world of card gambling where you can both play and socialize with people, making it so much more convenient that going to a real casino. Online gambling has the benefit of offering distinct visuals, colorful themes and bonuses that go beyond real-life gambling. GameFactory has developed a variety of multiplayer card games, including online poker, blackjack, baccarat and other card games that are fueled on high-capacity servers for millions of users around the world to enjoy. Every game goes through extensive tests to ensure quality and stability.


GameFactory is a skilled developer of professional slots for online casinos and social casino projects. They polish every small game detail to perfection in order to satisfy even the most demanding players. Development requires lots of patience, since slot software development is the craft that requires great focus and precision. That is why they meticulously inspect every step and deliver impressive visuals and tight code within their online slot machines. GameFactory produces slots that have a number of distinct advantages, including a user-friendly interface, admirable graphics and stunning animations. Spinning slot reels is a lot more fun when you have customized themes, characters and unique features leading every step of the game.


Long gone are the days when you have to buy paper scratch tickets to participate in lotteries and win prizes. People are gradually turning to online lotteries because of their comfort and exciting features offered with games. With more than 2 billion online lottery players in the world, it is no surprise that gambling from your home is appealing. The ease with which lottery allows you to have a shot at wealth makes it one of the most popular games, both for retail and online participation. They use cutting-edge technology for software development and offer full services to start a new lotto businesses. Every lottery developed by GameFactory has customizable, user-friendly interfaces and high security to ensure maximum safety.

Sports Betting

GameFactory designs and develops custom white-label solutions for online sports betting companies across various platforms. Their betting software contains odds calculators and unique date aggression applications for real-time tracking of statistics and odds, in addition to personalized user portals having integrated payment infrastructures that support crypto currency transactions. They also have a keen interest in exploring the hottest industry trends, like combining betting services with virtual sports.


Pachinko is a type of mechanical game originating in Japan and is used as both a form of recreational arcade game and much more frequently as a gambling device, filling a Japanese gambling niche comparable to that of the slot machine in Western gambling. GameFactory can help increase the revenues of your gaming venture by providing the technical expertise to develop alluring Pachinko game with a reliable gaming development period.

Thus, through systematic development process, GameFactory is the best gambling game developer.

  1. Melior Games

Melior Games is a game development company with offices in Lithuania and Ukraine that builds games for people all over the world, mostly specializing in regions like Europe, Asia and the United States.

They provide a full range of game development services that cover game design, art design (2D and 3D), animations and programming. Their team is a tight cluster of seasoned game developers and artists that are always willing to go an extra mile to deliver quality products and ensure maximum satisfaction. That is why they take pride in creating unique, aesthetically pleasing games that go beyond client expectations and provide true inspiration.

Today, Melior Games have completed more than 120 projects for a wide range of platforms that include Apple’s iOS, Android, Xbox, Windows, Mac OS.

  1. Chetu

Chetu provides software development services. The company delivers application software development, website hosting solutions, IT infrastructure, and products life cycle management services. It was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Florida, United States.

They develop gaming software solutions and perform game design for the casino game industry, catering to standard and mobile gaming systems, as well as land based and online casino systems, and sports oriented platforms.

From video game animation software to analytics integration, their certified experts can create their video game project from scratch or perform streamlined updates, integrations, or programming solutions that are totally in line with today’s tech trends.

Watch user excitement and engagement increase with their mobile game software solutions to their mobile gaming platform, drawing on years of expertise in the gaming industry with experience in gaming animation, mobile game design, VR and AR applications, and gaming analytics.

  1. Amatic

Amatic Industries was established in 1993. It successfully works on the international B2B market for many years. Today, the team of Amatic consists of more than 100 professionals. Their main goal is to create innovative software for online casinos. Amatic optimizes its products for operators and players from around the world. Thereby compares favorably with its competitors. It has successfully produced over 120 slot games and table games.

Casino games form Amatic combine colorful design and captivating storylines that immerse players in the atmosphere of gambling form the very first second. The developer offers a wide range of games including classic slots, video slots, several types of roulette and video poker, and card games.

Slots from Amatic attract gamblers by its excellent functionality and bonus features. The most famous games include Enchanted Cleopatra, Hot 27, Wild Diamonds, Casanova, Admiral Nelson, Dragon’s Pearl, Bells on Fire, Hot Scatter and many more.

  1. Endorphina

Endorphina is a Czech company founded in 2012. And in a short time, it gained a reputation as a progressive and reliable provider. Gambling software from Endorphina comes with international certificates that brings the company to the top of the leaderboard in the gambling market. Endorphina specialists focus not only on the quantity, but also on the quality. And they are constantly introducing new solutions and improving their products.

Endorphina slots are considered the gold standard: they have a convenient interface, simple navigation, 3D-animations and sweat-the-details style. All these features make the games easy and usable with full immersion in the gambling atmosphere.

Slots from Endorphina impress with a variety of storylines, characters and bonus features, which attract both novices and experienced gamblers. The most popular video slots include Taboo, Satoshi’s Secret, Voodoo, Twerk, Minotaurus, Stone Age, Mongol Treasures, etc.



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