What does Game Development Outsourcing mean?

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Definition of Game development outsourcing


Game development outsourcing means hiring out any process of a gaming business to the third party. There are many advantages of outsourcing game development.

Outsourcing actually helps to grow the company or organization. A huge variety of outsourcing works are being done by gaming companies and studios like GameFactory nowadays and the rate of outsourcing is also gradually increasing.

Since the technologies improves day by day, the entertainment also improves. There are many reasons why people are connected to the games. Many people play games for their personal pleasure and others use it for their business.

It’s a way to earn money for them which may be selling gaming currency or effectively promoting their business since the games becomes popular all over the world.

The gaming industry is growing gradually. The global games market value has reached 137.9 Billion USD in 2018 which is an increase of 13.3% from 2017.

Many experts expect that it will surpass 165.9 Billion USD in 2019.


Cost gap


Hiring a full-time game development staff is more expensive than hiring a game outsourcing company because the cost of a full-time game developer is double to that of an outsourcing game developer.

And the outsourcing costs are different according to the country the game development outsourcing companies are situated.

For example, the annual salary of a game developer in United States is 142,000 USD while the game developer of GameFactory in Taiwan earns 700,000 NTD or 22,321 USD. So, it is more cost effective.

It is also a way of efficiency because while the money is a salary of an American game developer while the same amount of money can be used to hire a Taiwanese staff containing 6 developers.

There are a huge number of advantages in game development outsourcing.

Especially, working with an outsourcing company like GameFactory makes easy with a high level of flexibility. Since it does not need to hire the employees on a full-time basis, hiring part-time or just for the specific tasks makes to save a vast amount of money which can be effectively used in other advantageous cases.

It is easy to request additional resources only for a certain part of the project. After all, it is much easier to hire more professionals as long as all the recruiting burden lies on the software provider.

So, there are many benefits of game outsourcing game development compared to setting up a game development studio. As games become bigger than those in the previous, the global shift towards outsourcing game development is gaining momentum.

An expert says that the gaming industry will inherit the model used in the movie industry nowadays where the majority of the project, from actors casting to VFX post-production, is done with the help of outsourcing.

There are many difficulties to build a game development studio which is very similar to building a company from the foundation. There may be many risks associated with it. It’s also important to build all the essential business functions such as IT, finance, human resources, legal, facilities management and others.

On the other side, a game development outsourcing company like GameFactory can cover all the tasks for its customer. An outsourcing company like GameFactory knows the local market as well as the global market and possesses all the functions up and running in those areas.

So the outsourcing company can take all the risks associated with managing the product, people and process. Although paying the vendor’s services, it saves a vast amount of money in the long run.

It is needed to invest a ton of money when the game companies build their own development centers anywhere.

Although the price for hiring an outsourced team looks higher at first, it covers all the overhead costs and it also allows to get rid of tall the concerns associated with running a game development center because it does not need to spent money on recruitment and training as the tasks are the responsibility of the outsourcing company.

It is a way to reduce the financial burden related to software licenses and hardware, the office facilities, equipment, social benefits and supplies. Moreover, there is no cost for legal fees and taxes.

The main reason or benefit of game development outsourcing is that it is much cost effective rather than building an own game development company.

The average annual salary of an American game developer is 124,000 USD and that of a Taiwanese game developer is 700,000 NTD or 22,321 USD while a game developer in Myanmar is around 300 USD.

So, instead of an American game developer or six Taiwanese game developers, about 32 game developers are available in Myanmar.

Therefore, it is a way to be cost effective by hiring a game development outsourcing company such as GameFactory who have a team of talents in game developing in Myanmar and is well-known for its famous works, their creation of profitable design in 2D or 3D art and highly skilled team from the talents of Taiwan and Myanmar having strong experience and ready for any challenges.

GameFactory is famous for making the team an iconic among the popular ones by making an efficient team from its staff for any project. They are a courageous team who are willing to help anybody and they are obsessed with solving difficult tasks.

The talents are also experts in their different specializations such as Unity3d, C++, Cocos2d/ Cocos2dx, Python, C#, C++, Delphi, Java, SQL, etc.

Like GameFactory, possessing a vast number of experiences in game developing, the outsourcing companies possess experts with the latest technologies and skills for the development than an ordinary game developer.

Since their rivals are the full-time game developers, the game developers in outsourcing companies like GameFactory are always dedicated for their skills to create better games than those of full-time game developers. They have to work much harder. So, the outsourcing gives better quality.

There are many advantages of game outsourcing while the disadvantages are very few.

So, game outsourcing companies or teams like GameFactory is the best solution for those who want to improve their games and their business.



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