Top 10 game design companies ranking

gaming companies

Top 10 game design companies ranking

Top 10 game design companies ranking

Apart from just being a form of entertainment, gaming has become a source of income for many. It has become an investment for many people. A game can be taken for fun or educational purpose; however, these days; people tend to play games for enjoyment and with no other substantial purpose.

Game design companies have, therefore emerged to help you come up with games that will give you the enjoyment you are looking for. This is a business that has been growing among small and independent companies. As the gaming company continues growing, game design companies also grows.

While there are hundreds of gaming companies in the market, we will help you find out the top 10 gaming companies.


This is one of the best game design companies in the world; it has a lot of Activision pieces, riots and many others.

The company offers several services such as music, social network, e-commerce, web portal, internet service, multi-player online games, mobile games, payment system. These services are some of the most successful ones.

Microsoft Corporation

This is a multinational corporate company. The company was founded in the year 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

This is one of the biggest game design companies in the world. It is an established company that created the best game dev for game lovers.


This is software Development Company that is based in San Francisco, and this company has come up with games such as argumentative reality games and designing games. In the year 2015, the company became an independent entity.

Among all the games that they have created was pokemon go, this is the game that became the most profitable.


This is a Japanese company which specializes in electronic and video games.

If you are looking to outsource game development company, you should consider this because it is one of the leading mobile game design companies. This company is continuously creating mobile games that will help them prosper in the gaming business.


Sony is one of the largest video game producers in the world. The headquarters of Sony is located in Japan. The company was created in 1993.

From then on, the company has been developing a lot. It also developed the play station two, which becomes one of the largest selling consoles. The company developed games like PlayStation, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4.


This is a video game company located in America. This company also has development studios in the Netherlands and Utrecht.

The company has developed enough that it has begun publishing video games.

Square Enix

This is a video game development company, a publisher and also a distributor of video games. This is a company that was founded in the year 1975. This Japanese company began to establish itself in 1983.

The company is mostly known for creating games like Grafton quest, fancy series and kingdom hearts. It has created several video games that have become a success in the entire world.

Game loft

This is one of the greatest names in the gaming industry. It is a French video development company that was developed in 1999 with its headquarters located in Paris.

It has developed several games on iPhone, Android, and windows. The games developed by this company have been played for a long time to date.


This is a game whose headquarters is located in French. This company has developed games such as the Assassins Creed, Tom clancy's ghost, as well as the watchdog series. The company has created over 100 games from the year 1986.

Activision Blizzard

This company was founded in 2008, and this is a company that has done well in multiple retail games. Many of us are familiar with candy crash, yes; this is the company that created this game. One of the most interesting things about this company is that it develops games from movie themes.

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