The Importance of Music in Game Development

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The Importance of Music in Game Development

It’s unfortunate that many people think of sound design as an item of the lowest priority in video game development. But, music and sound play a very crucial role when it comes to game design. It drives emotions, develops interest and creates the tone of narrative in the video games.

When we think of music in video games, all that comes to our minds is the iconic soundtracks of Super Mario Bros or Street Fighter II to name but a few. These video games have soundtracks that are often regarded as the best in video games’ history. However, since technology keeps marching forward, soundtracks have changed dramatically, and all game studios are including music as part of the storytelling process. So why is it important to include soundtracks in game development? Keep reading to find that out.

Importance of Music

It Supports Player Engagement

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Super Mario Bros

Good music is one way to engage a player and capture their attention to the maximum. The game can get really boring without music and gamers may, in the long run, lose interest in playing that particular game. To avoid this, it’s essential for the game developers during video game outsourcing, to ensure that they include enough music in them.

It Creates a Captivating Atmosphere

Music can control emotion and set the tone of the story being narrated. In the film world, fans look out for soundtracks as a foundation to set the scene. And that’s no difference in the video gaming industry. The nature of the video game allows a more great and immersive experience than a film. Music influences attention by ensuring that rather than the players watching what happens with the actions of a character, they are controlling them.

During game development outsourcing, developers make an effort to create soundtracks that have the right atmosphere to keep the gamers playing for as many hours as possible. Especially in the horror genres, the tracks have a terrifying eeriness and an atmosphere to keep the players at the edge of their seats.

Music Sets the Table

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During video game development, the table dressing is merged within music which helps in delivering a memorable moment. From the player’s point of view, music will either tie him/her to the script or make them completely lose their interest. Table dressing is crucial as it determines the emotions the players should feel when playing.

For instance, in Pokemon, the grinding noise of the twirling screen as the player battles amid wild grass induces anxiety. Well, everyone who has played this game and knows the sounds have had different reactions to them. But although the responses might vary in all of us, the contrast in the sudden twist of the music, informs the player that it’s time to battle.

Music Ensures Immersion

If one feels totally immersed in the game, more often than not, the music has enabled them to develop this feeling. Music helps gamers to be entirely into the game. When you play a game that has no music, high chances are that you’ll feel that something is missing and your experience would not be that fun or fulfilling.

Provides Navigation

During game art outsourcing, developers of the game source for music that’ll guide the player through it. If you look at most of the well-crafted games, you’ll notice that they emphasize on music to assist players to navigate through the game interface. For instance, you’ll realize this through different levels or locations and areas of the map or the game world. Therefore, the inclusion of music in video games ensures that gamers easily navigate them, engage with the characters, and understand the story being told.

Creates a Real World Scenario

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is often described as one of the interesting game franchise ever created. But, the majority of players often overlook the soundtrack and how it is presented to them. GTA has diverse radio stations that allow the player to choose and listen to what they like while they’re driving along. This kind of presentation will enable soundtracks in the video game to be presented to the player in a more real-world scenario.

Many game developers have adopted this kind of presentation and even taken it a step further. For example, Saints Row 2 has the exact real-world scenarios of radio stations in cars that gamers can choose from, and they’ve added an extra feature which allows players to create their own mixtapes with any of the songs featured in the game. Controlling of the airwaves contributes to an aspect of reality.

Music is essential in video games. The same way video games can influence a musician’s career. It’s therefore imperative for the developers during game development to include soundtracks that can keep the player to be engaged. Something else to remember is to include enough variation in music since it can get tedious to listen to the same songs over and over again.

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