Mobile Game Developments Trend

Mobile game developers

Mobile Game Developments Trend

The industry of mobile gaming is transforming at an alarming rate. Due to the fact that technology has shifted from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality and now smartphone technology, any mobile game developer company has no business but to remain in toes so to catch up with technology. Top gaming companies are now competing through the inclusion of engaging and entertaining features in their games to try and attract more customers.

Nowadays, mobile game developers have to know what are the customer's taste and prevalence at the moment, and the changing dynamics in the gaming business. Since the gaming industry is meant to create fan to people across the world, keeping track of emerging changes has become a significant challenge to mobile game developers.

Our article today trials to reveal some of the growing changes that cannot go unnoticed within the gaming industry.

1). The emergence of console-quality mobile games

game developers
Console-quality mobile games

Mobile game developers have been forced to no choice but to have high-quality console games. With entertaining games like Fortnite and the famous PUBG game, which allow players to play games across platforms, there is an enormous fan in the gaming community.

Smartphones are now the order of the day among mobile game developers. They are on use to develop console quality graphic games that create fun and interactive as well as unified experiences across gaming platforms.

The major challenge video game developer are facing is the fact that mobile gaming requires the touch control tools on the dashboard than merely porting towards a specific gamepad control system. The gaming industry is however expected to rise even at a higher expectation with various gaming accessories and console gaming scheduled to come in place.

2). Raising the challenge of game invention

Mobile game developers
Raising the challenge of game invention

Any mobile software development company whether small or big enough faces a challenge to market itself and remain relevant in the industry. It quite reasonable that big gaming companies like FGO and MonsterStrike are facing a massive problem in getting their games recognized in the games app store.

The mobile gaming industry is headed to saturation point. It has, therefore, become a necessity for mobile game developers to formulate trends that will help them cope with competition in a healthy manner. FGO and MonsterStrike, for example, use a combination of marketing tools to maintain market demand. They combine organic growth vectors like SEO, ASO, Word of Mouth, and App Store Optimization to increase more customers towards their business and remain top in the list of best mobile game developers.

Nowadays we have seen large gaming studios losing the market for their games to small upcoming companies who enact better business strategies. Top gaming companies are therefore crafting effective user adoption strategy to help get more customers and remain in the industry.

3). Clearing of the gaming community

Mobile game developer
Clearing of the gaming community

In recent years, toxicity in the gaming community is increasing at an alarming rate. This phenomenon has remained a constant headache for many mobile game developers. There is a massive increase in cyber-bullying which has remained a great plague in the gaming communities.

The popularity of games and competitive gameplay has created toxic communities with a considerable talk among mobile gamers.

4). Wealth creation

VR game developer
Wealth Creation

Like any other business, the gaming industry is creating the next billionaires in the world. Countries like India and China has received hundreds of milliners who indulge in the gaming industry. This trend is not only in these two countries but also in other countries across the world.

India mobile game developers have recently skipped the console and PC revolution and jumped to mobile gaming. This trend has resulted in game developers at the beginning level to face difficulty in maintaining market competition. Other companies are opting to consult mechanics for game outsourcing to incorporate into their system so to boost their games.

Mobile game developers are therefore working closely with the local publisher to have their game promoted at the local level. Further, ASO, strategies that work in a more advanced market, does not work in these developing markets as a result of fragmentation in the mobile app store. Since mobile gaming is android dominated, there are difficulties in breaking the region.

5). AR and VR are taking up the mainstream

Mobile game developers
AR and VR are taking up the mainstream

AR and VR are both alive in the gaming industry. This two aspects, however, are facing various challenges in terms of mass adoption. Augmented Reality is more popular than Virtual Reality because they require low hardware graphics.

A company like GameFactory , a game development company, allows the player to try different tasks such as raising virtual pets or sourcing them in actual work. GameFactory was established in 2016 and had offices in Taiwan and Myanmar. Since GameFactory started its operation, they have been providing game services, R&D, game design, development of PC/Console and mobile gaming for clients across the world at little cost.


The mobile gaming industry will continue to grow significantly. The game engine of smartphones used by mobile game developers is becoming more compelling to the point that consoles such as gameplay are becoming possible to use hence changing users’ behaviors.

Mobile gaming is now a global thing to uptake. For this reason, any mobile game developer is finding ways to bring their games at per with market competition. The challenge is vast however and requires better strategies.



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