Best 5 Places to Recruit Game Engineers for Boosting Development

The gaming world has dramatically changed, whereby new technologies and trends have come up and made the process of recruiting game engineers a difficult task. Moreover, the demand for games has increased the number of game engineers in the market. You need to ensure that the game engineer has the necessary skills, training, and experience. The game engineers you select will determine the success of your gaming business. Nowadays, game engineers will advertise their skills and portfolio online to get hired by game development companies. If you want to boost your gaming business, here are the best 5 places to recruit game engineer.

1. Game Factory

Game Factory is a game design and development outsourcing company that you can find the most experienced and highly qualified game engineer. The company was established in late 2016 and has gained popularity among many gaming studios since then. The offices are located in both Myanmar and Taiwan. Their game engineers provide services such as game design, programming, game development, and mobile gaming. Their services are available for clients from all parts of the world. They have good rates that are affordable to small studios.

If you want to hire game engineers from this company, you should visit their website Game Factory or contact them through phone and email. They have excellent support services, and you will get a game engineer that is suited for all your gaming needs.

2. Brave Zebra

Brave Zebra is one of the most famous game development companies in the market. The company is known for the popular games they have outsourced for big companies in the industry. They have completed over 40 projects for clients in over 15 countries. They have been in the industry since 2012, which makes them one of the most experienced game design companies. If you want your games to hit the market immediately and make profits, you should consider Brave Zebra.

They specialize in the designing of video games, game outsourcing, co-production, and 3D game art design services. Their customer services are excellent as they have personal teams that work for their headquarters to supervise the projects. You can be able to see their portfolio from their website and check the qualifications of their game engineers. Their engineers are always available 24/7 for their clients; hence, your projects will be completed on time.

3. Starloop

Starloop is a leading game development company that provides outsourcing services. The company has offered gaming services for over 8 years. They have over 50 engineers for their game design and game creation services. Therefore, your projects will take a very short time to complete. Their game engineers consist of a team that works together with a game developer to provide you with the best games. With their experience, they will identify your gaming needs and help you reach them. Within the eight years, they have completed over 80 gaming projects for clients all over the world.

They offer 2D and 3D art and animations, concept art and illustration. To get game engineers from this company, you should contact them through their website or get in touch through live chats and emails. From their website, you will be able to see several testimonials from past clients.

4. Inovecs Games

Inovecs Games provides a hassle-free and a quick place for recruiting game engineers. They focus more on providing quality services to their customers, which has earned them a good reputation. They deal in mobile games, 2D and 3D art, and animation. Therefore, you will get all your gaming needs under one roof. Their game engineers have 6 years of success in the industry, over 200 games delivered to over 50 clients. They have designed and created games for clients from 15 countries. They have a total of 450 game engineers, which means that your games will be creative and be completed on time. Their game engineers are qualified and undergo a strict recruitment and training process.

5. Melior Games

The last place to recruit game engineer is Melior Games, which is a full-service game design and development company. It covers all areas which include design, programming, graphic design, and production services. They can create customized styles and genre to suit your gaming needs. They are known for their uniqueness, creativity, and exceeding their customer’s satisfaction. The company has completed over 120 projects for clients from different parts of the world. They use the latest technologies in the market for your games. After completing your projects, you will still enjoy support services and software maintenance from this company. One of the advantages of engineers from this game development company is that they offer a free quote from their website.

If you want to have a smooth and hassle-free process when hiring game engineers, you should consider the above companies. When choosing, make sure you have a budget, check their portfolio and services offered. Game Factory will ensure that you recruit the top game engineers that will take your game studio to the next level.



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