Wanna Do Some Game Design? There Are Best Places to Find Game Related Job

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Wanna Do Some Game Design? There Are Best Places to Find Game.

Learning game design is one of the current lucrative skills that you can ever have. Once you are done with the learning process, the next step us to find a job.

Today, game development companies are on the lookout for creative and new talents to add to their already exiting pool; in order to get a chance to work in some of the lucrative games design companies as a game development engineer, you need to have the right attitude and skills.

Additionally, if you are looking for a game related job, you need to consider the reputation of the game development company, years of experience, salary, and a number of completed and ongoing projects. Wanna do some game design? Here are the best places to find a game related job.

1. Game Factory


Game Factory is the leading mobile game outsourcing company in Taiwan and Myanmar.

It offers the best CP value for game outsourcing, and they are constantly looking for new game designers. They have been in the industry for over 20 years, and they have gained a good reputation among the top game developers.

Their game related jobs include developers, designers, production, and engineering. They deal with 2d game outsourcing for mobile versions.

They have hundreds of clients from different parts of the world. Therefore, you will get full-time jobs that are available all year round.

They have a low employee turnover as their salaries are friendly and you will make good money.

To apply, you should send your application through email. In your application, you should state your educational background, the games you have designed, and your experience.

One of the advantages of getting a job with this company is that you will meet with other top-notch designers and learn from them.


2. Ignite


Ignite is one of the best game outsourcing company that is always hiring game development engineers, web developers and designers for their many projects. They advertise for their job vacancies on their website.

Additionally, they are quite experienced in the industry, and therefore, you need to have certain qualifications to join their team. Besides, they are known for employee training, whereby you will be trained in all areas of game development after you are hired.

Moreover, they have high employee retention rates compared to other web development companies in the market.

To get a job with Ignite, you need to have the right skills, creativity, and education background.

Firstly, it is important to find out the skills needed before applying for the job to get high chances of being recruited. You should also include your portfolio when applying.


3. VironIT


VironIT deals with game outsourcing services and supplies. They offer full cycle game services from designing, support, and maintenance.

Over the years, they have to build a strong clientele, which requires them to have enough resources for the work.

Therefore, if you have the right qualifications, you will be recruited. With the high number of game designers looking for opportunities, it is essential that contact them and inquire if they have any vacancies.


4. ZadZen


ZadZen is a game art design company that is always searching for new talents. If you are passionate about game designing, you should consider this company, and you will grow to be among the top game designers in the market.

They hire employees for customized game development, game art production, and co-production. Their games have millions of downloads in both iOS and Android.

The company has been operational since 2012. The advantage of working with ZadZen is that you do not require one to have experience in game designing as you will undergo long training after getting the job.

To apply for the available jobs, you should visit their website.

From their site, you will see the different opportunities available and click on them. You will then get to a page where you submit your details. With this company, you will earn a salary as you train with them.


5. Juego Studios


Juego Studios specializes in game development outsourcing services. They focus on providing quality services by hiring the top talented game designers in the industry.

When applying for a game design job with this company, you should showcase your skills and creativity to get hired and earn a good salary.

The company has been offering gaming services for over ten years, which makes them one of the most experienced gaming studios. Their clientele includes small gaming companies, startups, and large gaming development companies.

After the company was established, it has provided game outsourcing services to hundreds of companies from different parts of the world.

The job opportunities range from mobile game development, iOS and Android games, unity games, and desktop game development. To ensure they maintain their good reputation for quality, they hire skilled and creative game designers.

If you are a game designer, ensure that you apply now to work with the above companies.

Game Factory is the best game development company to work with. You will get a good salary, improve your skills, enjoy cutting edge technology, and get the right experience.




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