The biggest gaming companies and what they’re worth

Every industry has got its own giants. When it comes to smartphones, we have Apple as well as Samsung. When it comes to social media, there is Facebook as well as Twitter. For online video streaming, there is Amazon and Netflix. We won’t also forget about Google, which may be probably controlling everything. Just as other industries, the gaming industry also has its giants. We have therefore gone ahead to list some of the biggest game companies in the world.

1. Microsoft (net worth of $402.06 billion.)

This company has been operating since the year 2002. This studio creates a huge impact on the industry of gaming. It is one of the best performing and biggest gaming companies around. When it comes to making video games, this company is a real deal. Even though it got into the gaming industry late, that has not prevented this company from becoming one of the leading gaming companies. If you are looking for the biggest and the list successful game company, then you have it. Microsoft is your answer.

2. Sony (net worth today of $37.45 billion)

Its origin is in Japan. They are one of the best electronic and game companies. Of all the video game console producers, they are one of the best. They once produced PS2, which became a huge success. This game sold for a long time and was also used by people all over the world. When it comes to the video game market, it is facing strong competition from Microsoft.

3. 2K (net worth $3.22 billion)

This is a game studio names that has produced a huge number of top selling games. On top of that, this gaming studio also owns the Rockstar games.

4. Activision Blizzard (net worth to $29.23 billion)

It is among the first companies that introduced the LAN gaming. This technology allows you to connect to various computers with your friends so that you can have a huge battlefield; you do not need to be online to play this game. However, call of duty, star craft, Diablo and witchcraft are the games that have made this company to be among the biggest gaming companies. They recently released another game called Hearthstone, which was a huge success as well. They produce addictive games that keep players returning every month for more.

5. Electronic arts ( net worth $22.9 billion)

Electronic Arts wouldn’t miss out on the list of the biggest gaming companies. Trip Hawkins is the person behind this company; this company has grown to become of the best game publishers in the gaming industry. This company has gained a lot of profits by specifically focusing their games on sports. They also release FIFA, NFL, and NBA games on a yearly basis. These games always come out to be successful. Even though they were once referred to as the worst performing gaming companies, they have thrived and continue to be sports games Kings.

6. Nintendo (net worth of $20.11 billion)

This company was founded in Japan in the 19th century. It was found by its president. It is one of the oldest RPG video game companies around. It has grown to be one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Since they began this, they ensured that the name Nintendo would stick in our minds. It has introduced the world to a new way of gaming. They came up with games like Mario and Donkey Kong, which until now are the most loved video game characters.

7. King (net worth of $5.69 billion)

King gaming company was not well known, well until it released candy crush. This is all this company needed to succeed in this industry. This game has become an addictive mobile game that no one is willing to stay away from. Up to now, this game is helping king reap a lot of profits. We just can’t argue with this success.

8. Ubisoft (net worth of $3.69 billion)

This is one of the best game developers of all time. This company began as a small innovative project among five brothers. However, it has grown so big that now it is competing with more traditional giants. This company is mostly known because it provides great concepts to all gamers all over the world, as well as getting lots of rewards from releasing many game series. They have produced several games that never fail to leave a mark on the game industry. This company has come a long way to earn its place among the gaming giants.

There are several gaming companies available; however, this list only contains the biggest gaming companies.



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