3D Game Outsourcing Under Cloud Technology

Game development outsourcing

3D Game Outsourcing

3D game outsourcing is beginning to take shape in the gaming community, which is a good thing. This has happened over a long period of slow delivery which was quite promising.

Today, cloud gaming is no longer something strange as compared to a few years back.

Nowadays, you can stream games through GaaS (Gaming as a Service) and even enhance local games if you outsource from cloud servers and computational resources.
There are two types of cloud gaming.They include;
1. File streaming – With file streaming it allows you to download games. The good thing about it is that you can begin playing a game while it’s still downloading.
2. Video streaming – Video streaming is similar to film and music streaming. You can seamlessly play a game over the internet without any need to download.
However, cloud technology helps to execute the performance of a game on just a remote server. This renders the capabilities of your hardware irrelevant.

Game Developers Conference

During the 2019 Game Developers Conference, Google launched the Google Stadia technology.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai introduced the Stadia service and said that it is a platform meant for everyone. The CEO talked about the ambition of Google to stream games through all types of devices, to make it convenient for players.
Stadia will be able to use the Chrome browser to stream games and you can also use Pixel, as well as Chromecast.

The Google Stadia technology is set to launch any time in 2019 in the UK, US, as well as Europe.

Phil Harrison, who is a former Sony and Microsoft executive was able to join Pichai on stage and went ahead to provide in-depth information about Stadia.

Phil said that this game streaming service will be amplified by Google through YouTube, and other creators who are already creating game clips on the Stadia service.
The good news is that Stadia won’t be limited to only one game.

A new feature was demonstrated by Google in YouTube which enables users to view the clip of a game from a creator and then instantly stream the title by clicking on the “Play now” button.

Game Development Company is highly dependent on 3D Game Outsourcing

3D game outsourcing also highly depends on game development companies. There are plenty of game development companies out there.

Here we will list down 5 best game development companies.They include;
1. Nintendo – Nintendo is a renowned game development company that has 9 bestselling game systems and 5 game franchises.
2. Valve – Valve is also another notable game development company. The company introduced games such as Half Life 2 and Portal 2. These are considered to be among the best PC games of all time.
3. Bethesda – Bethesda was established in 2002 and features an American in-house development team which works at the Bethesda Softworks. Some of the games that they have produced include Fallout NV,TESV: Skyrim, TESIV: Oblivion, and Fallout 3.
4. GameFactory – GameFactory is a game development outsourcing company which was established in 2016. The company has offices Myanmar and Taiwan and provides services such as game design and development for both PC and console, Game R&D. They provide these services worldwide at a very convenient cost. They have produced a number of games and are known to be quite efficient.
5. RockStar North – This British Video Game Development Company is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was founded in 1984m as Acme Software

Game Outsource Studios

Game outsource studios make 3D game outsourcing quite convenient. There are also plenty of game outsource studios that you can consider. Below we will list down several of them which we believe are suitable to consider when looking for a good 3D outsource studio.
Gameco studios – This is a game art outsourcing company that features the concept of art, 3D animation and modeling, FM, teasers and even trailers.
Eastworks – Their specialty is video game environments realization, vehicles, assets, character creation, and texturing.
Zero Games studios – Zero games studios offers independent video games, mobile technologies, and create innovative technologies. They were established in 2013.

The Benefits of Games Outsourcing

3D game outsourcing comes with various benefits which we are going to discuss below. They include;

• Games outsourcing helps you to save time – With games outsourcing, you are able to save time since there is a large team of artist, designers, producers, and even developers involved in the creation of a game.
• Cost-effective – game outsourcing also helps to save money. It helps a game developer to develop the game in a cost-effective manner.
• Provides flexibility – Working with outsourcing companies you are well able to be flexible in terms of time.
• 3D outsourcing also helps you manage risks efficiently. You can sort game development issues without much strain, since you are outsourcing then help.


There is no denying the fact that game outsourcing is changing the way people used to play games. This shows the future of gaming is promising and will offer exceptional benefits, as well as impressive playing experience.



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