The Risk of Game Development Outsourcing in Different Countries

The Risk of Game Development Outsourcing in Different Countries

Nowadays, game development outsourcing has become popular.

Due to the rise of game design cost, most organization seeks the assistance of outsourcing companies when it comes to game development.

Video game outsourcing refers to handing out various game development processes to an external provider. It takes place when your organization is unable to handle these precise tasks due to the size of the company or the complexity of their nature.

development outsourcing is high among software development companies. In this detailed article, you will learn more about the cons of development outsourcing in various countries.

Cons of Game Development Outsourcing

While outsourcing has numerous pros, it has a few cons also. By assigning tasks to game development outsourcing, you might have to compromise on gameplay and quality graphics. Nevertheless, this is very rare if you work with professionals like GameFactory.

After giving us your needs, you can be assured of excellent and quality work. With offices in Taiwan and Myanmar, GameFactory was established in late 2016 as a game art outsourcing company.

We offer services of game research & development, game design, as well as development for both console/computer and mobile gaming for customers across the world at an affordable price.

Visit our website,, to learn more. Here are the disadvantages of game development outsourcing:

Concerns with the Quality of Game Developed

When you opt for overseas outsourcing, you should also anticipate for low professional standards at times. There are few chances that the final product you receive may not meet your demands as you are paying less or have insignificant knowledge about game development.

To avoid such scenarios, you should always delegate the development tasks to a renowned company. Besides, choose an outsourcing agency after going through the referrals and looking at their past experiences.

Poor Communication

You might have a difference in culture, language, and time if you opt for an outsourcing company that is located in a different country from where your offices are located. These differences may lead to misunderstandings at times.

One of the significant challenges when choosing an outsourcing company is the time one change. Nevertheless, this issue can be solved by organizing weekly meetings or taking short courses where you are introduced to the country’s culture. This action will allow you to get the necessary confidence and create a way for clear communication.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Today in all software development company, security is one of the primary issues for the process of game development. If you are about to design a unique game with the assistance of outsourcing, then you may need to solve some security and privacy concerns.

Inadequate Client Focus

Most software outsourcing agencies hold many on-going development projects concurrently, distracting their attention on numerous projects. Subsequently, these scenarios would be a probability that they lose their focus on new responsibilities.

Continuous Management

In order to ascertain the success of your project, there is a need for keeping in touch with the outsourced company now and then.

First, whenever you outsource application development, you should always focus on how the company gives you updates such as improvement, challenges, as well as the deadline of your project.

Therefore, you should ensure that the company recruits a manager that will continuously give you the updates on the progress of your software development.

Software Testing is challenging

Usually, the testing phase in outsourced software is much more challenging in comparison to in-house development.

If you test a game that was developed overseas in-house and encounters an issue, this problem needs to be sent to the offshore developer. This action can result in problems since the outsourced company may not be able to solve the problem instantly.

It is sometimes essential to have developers on site when rolling out a new application to resolve any issue that may arise.

Company Morale

Outsourcing game development instead of developing in your company, can negatively affect the company’s morale.

Your staffs could feel that their roles in your organization are at risk.

If their jobs are at risk, then the teams should be informed as soon as possible to lower the likelihood of the spread of bad morale. On the other hand, the employees should be informed early if their jobs are not at risk in order to maintain good company morale.

No Good Control of Your Work

You have no control over the outsourced job as you have to rely on the hired agency entirely. Also, you will have to rely on the outsourced company in case of any customization, addition, and deduction.

Final Words

In this ever-changing IT era, driven by digital services, all businesses have system development requirements to meet.

You can have the needed quality at an affordable price if proper steps are taken to overwhelm risks involved when outsourcing game development.

It is essential to hire a company that has impressive game studios. Additionally, game development outsourcing allows you to concentrate on crucial business processes.



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