10 Characteristics of a Good 3D Modeler

3D modelers are those game creators who build 3D characters and environments that are based on the concept art. The concept art is one of the top factors of game production and so those 3D modelers play an important role in game production. 3D modelers paint and wrap 2D textures on a digital frame to create the surfaces and skins of the models. Those 3D modelers also create character skeletons, which animators then control. 3D modelers use a variety of programs such as Maya, 3DS Max, Pixar’s RenderMan, POV-Ray and many others.

The characters and environments that 3D modelers create are used for video games and 3D movies. And the images that 3D modelers create are also used for websites, graphic designs, animation, film effects, simulations, broadcast design, special effects, characters and props for film, television effects, CD-Rom design, and location-based entertainment. The products that 3D modelers create are also used for geologists, architects, scientists, engineers, healthcare agencies and more.

So where do those 3D modelers work? Well, 3D modelers usually work in films and video production studios, game design companies, advertising and graphic design firms, web design firms, software companies, architecture firms, scientific and medical labs, colleges and universities, product design firms and manufacturing firms. 3D modelers are also useful for aerospace and environmental agencies, automotive companies, retail firms, government agencies, crime labs, interior design firms, building technology firms, real estate companies and many others.

So, the area and network of a 3D modeler is vast and so this demands a lot of qualification. 3D modelers must have advanced math and computer skills. Moreover, a lot of other qualifications are required depending on where a 3D modeler works. If you are a 3D modeler working for the films or video games, your creative and design skills should be more than average. If you are working for a scientific field, you should have a strong background skill in the given area of science.

3D modeling is a highly specialized field. Moreover, there is a high demand for 3D modelers in all industries. According to the researches, the demand of employment of 3D modelers are increasing every year for 8 percent. Career opportunities of 3D modelers in the medical, architecture, engineering, chemistry and geology fields are also plentiful. Moreover, the 3D modelers in United States earn around 65,000 USD per year. So, what is the characteristics of a good 3D modeler?

  1. Creativity

Creativity is an important factor when thinking about creating art. Definitely, 3D modeling is an art and the creator of it, or the 3D modeler is a precious artist. Any artist needs to have creativity pouring out of their heart and soul. Due to the surreal nature of animation, 3D modelers who enter the field of creating 3D artist need to have a deep well of ideas and inspiration to turn to. A 3D modeler must possess the skill to take the real world and make it a natural part of the fantasy world.

But the ability to create only a believable animation is not enough to become a good 3D modeler. It also needs to have the skill to create unbelievable things. Most of the audiences turn to expect something new that they have never seen before when thinking about 3D modeling. To do this effectively, the 3D modeler must make each motion memorable as much as possible. If there is nothing about an animation standing out, it will be forgotten quickly. Because the ability to create something that the world has never imagine is essential for a good 3D modeler.

  1. Teamwork

When talking about 3D modeling, it is not a job of a person. It is the job of many skillful artists. Most animation studios have large groups of people working on a single project. So, to work harmonically, a 3D modeler should have the ability to work as a good teammate. The Rome was not built in one day and the most important fact is that city was not built by one man. One many army is only fictional. There is not only one man army in the world. So, the most important fact is that to be successful in any field, you need the willingness to work as a team.

So, teamwork is a crucial characteristic for a good 3D modeler. There are a lot of problems when there are a lot of people working together. And no work will be done well without cooperation of people. Staying calm and compromised with colleagues is a good way to success. A 3D modeler should possess the ability to choose battles wisely and remaining good terms with everyone in the studio is an important skill that can make a project successful although that project may last for years.

  1. Quick Leaning

If you become a 3D modeler, you might need to use a lot of 3D modeling tools to create good 3D models that are modern and amazing. There are many tools available in the market and those tools are changing and developing according to the time and situation. So, a good 3D modeler should have the ability to learn quickly with the developing trend. This characteristic is important whenever thinking about switching studios or starting new project. The user interface that a 3D modeler would see could be radically different depending on the publisher.

If you want to be a master of 3D modeler, you should have the ability to learn new skills and layouts quickly. This is crucial when thinking about mastering animations. If a 3D modeler is smart to comfortably learn new skills in just a few days, there would be many opportunities for him to work as a good 3D modeler. Indeed, being smart is an essential to be successful in every profession. For some professionals such as 3D modelers, that skill is precious. If a 3D modeler is able to learn quickly about those new tools and software, he would be able to create more than any other 3D modelers.

  1. Memory

If learning quick is an important characteristic for a 3D modeler, then preserving those memories would be crucial for him. Learning quick becomes useless when a 3D modeler do not have the ability to reserve what he has learnt. At any point in a 3D modeler’s work, he would be asked to emulate a specific style or use an old program. At that time, it is a good characteristic for a 3D modeler to remember exactly what to do and get it done quickly. So, having an excellent memory is crucial for any 3D modeler.

Memory is called experience in other words. Experience is an important factor whenever talking about good work. A 3D modeler would have to face so many problems in creating successful 3D models. So, when talking about 3D modeling, the experience how a 3D modeler passed those problems would be crucial whenever facing the same problem. When a 3D modeler faces the same problem, he would not take much time to pass that problem. He would use the same memory of the past and then pass the problem excellently based on the precious experience and memory that he have collected for years.

  1. Attention to Detail

As the world becomes more and more developed, the expectation of the people increases every moment. And the graphical fidelity of entertainment increases more than whenever in the history and the level of detail that the audiences expect increases every moment. Nowadays, many games and movies are rendered in 4K resolution. This means that there would be many pixels on the screen as more days pass. So there are much expectations to get it right whenever talking about a 3D modeler’s job.

So, the characteristic to perfect every minute detail is an important ability whenever talking about the characteristics of a good 3D modeler. Something such as the blowing hair with the blowing wind could be an important factor when that scene is shown in 4K resolution. So, a good 3D modeler need to make perfect on the job what he does. Even if the audience do not pick up on everything consciously while understanding a 3D modeler, their unconscious mind would remind them every last pixel that is displayed on the screen. So, a good 3D modeler would need to concentrate even in a very little pixel.

  1. Mastery of Organization

Although many people overlook the importance of a strong organization system, it makes the daily tasks of a good 3D modeler much easier. Most modern projects involve the creation of hundreds of so much little 3D models. So, keeping everything organized into folders is the best way to cut down on wasted time looking for relevant files. So, whenever a 3D modeler thinks about creating something, he does not need to waste any minutes.

A 3D modeler could make up for having a poor memory by maintaining and organizing his notes, files and works systematically. If there would need to go back and search on a technique, they could get a quick reference to get them back up to speed. This characteristic is essential when thinking about organizing. Indeed, creating 3D models is not an easy job. It is a complex work for mind and brain. If a 3d modeler would have to concentrate his works as well as searching trash-like files, he would feel depressed. So, it is very important to have his important files and designs organized systematically into files. It would save a lot of time and energy of a good 3D modeler.

  1. Strong Mind and Determination

It is very hard to create 3D animations for a 3D modeler. There are plenty of hurdles and obstacles when talking about creation of 3D modeling. A combination of willpower and persistence is important for a 3D modeler when overcoming every obstacle. The way to a successful 3D modeler would not come when you do not have persistence to overcome challenges whenever they emerge. Creating 3D models would take long and there are plenty of hard jobs and so a good 3D modeler should prepare himself to be comfortable while facing every challenge expecting to complete his job without burning out.

It is not only for 3D modelers but also for every professionals that they should push themselves over the limits if they want to create something special. While creating 3D animations, a 3D modeler would face many disappointment and depression as their job is hard. So, he would need to motivate himself for a long journey that it takes until the successful finish of his or her project. Indeed, the way to success is tough and tiring. And to be successful, it needs a good will power and a strong determination of success.

  1. Man of Words

Words! Yes, it is the most important fact. A tongue can give a man the way to rule the world. And also that tongue could make him to lose his life. When you have a good talking skill, you could make the people bow to you and be the king of them. When you talk something bullshit to someone, they could beat you. In the morning, the whole body apologizes the tongue to stay in peace. When the tongue does something wrong, the whole body gets into trouble while that tongue stays peacefully. When you say something rude to someone and make him angry, you could get beaten while your tongue stays peacefully among the teeth.

Yes, making good words and promises is important whenever talking about a 3D modeler. He would need to say good words to his clients although their clients may be rude or inappropriate to talk. Making good words is essential when arguing something with his colleagues in work. And the most important fact, keeping what he says is important while working with the others. If you say something and do something wrong with your plan, your words just become trash.

  1. Man of Principle

A 3D modeler would have to cooperate with his colleagues and managers as well as clients. He may have to say words as well as promises. While talking about promises, he would need to keep them. Usually, the promises are not easy when talking about 3D modeling. As 3D modeling is detail, the promises and words that 3D modelers should stand would be hard. So, to keep his words while detaining a good image, the principles would be an important factor. He would need to keep himself to finish work in time and on time. So having self-discipline is important for a good 3D modeler.

A good 3D modeler would need to have self-discipline to get his works done on time. 3D modelers usually have to work in a team, and so discipline to keep himself as a good teammate is crucial. Without self-discipline, he would find difficulty while working in a team or while working with clients. Without principle, you could not get work. You could not get the job done. Or you could not stand even in the community. Having a good discipline plays an important factor even as a human being as well as a good 3D modeler.

  1. Man of Responsibility

The most important fact or characteristic of a good 3D modeler! The most important thing to be a human is to be responsible. When you become a human, you have responsibility to be a good human. When you become a father, it is your responsibility to be a responsible father. When you become a boss, it is your responsibility to be a good boss. So, when you become a 3D modeler, it is your responsibility to be a good 3D modeler.

A good 3D modeler needs to be responsible to his colleagues when working with a team. 3D modeler would need to do correctly on the works what he is responsible for. A good 3D modeler would have to be dutiful upon the clients for what he is responsible for.

Responsibility plays an important role whenever talking about duties and responsibilities. The area and job of a 3D modeler is vast and plenty and so it is very important to be a dutiful 3D modeler. The role of a 3D modeler is crucial. A 3D modeler could be an important start of a game project. He could be an important man in every field. So, a 3D modeler with the ability of man of responsibility is the most important characteristic that he should have.

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