Top 3 Video Game Console Companies in 2021

The video gaming industry is one of the most profitable industries today. Statistics say that at least 75% of Americans own a video gamer in their household. In 2018, statistics by Statista revealed that the video sales market earned a total value of $43.4 billion while the South Asia gaming market was estimated to bring revenue of $4.6 billion in 2019. The video gaming world is a suitable escape from reality. And many people today spend time either playing football, in fantasy realms, or fighting crime. Video gaming is among the top pastime activity for many.

Now, video game consoles have undergone significant changes since their inception. Today, there are different types of consoles that suit almost every player’s needs, including those with ultra-portable gaming rings and those offering virtual reality gaming. After every few years, video game console companies release new consoles that offer incredible gaming experiences.

The three top companies competing for players’ attention in video gaming are Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Although in the past, huge systems from other companies like Atari, Sega, etc. have been released, today, these three top companies dominate the video game console market. These companies don’t just compete in sales but also in the games they offer. A good console will not be useful if it doesn’t support the applications that players need. Continue reading this article to learn more about these three big video console companies.

What Is a Video Game Console? 

Before we get to the review, it’s important to begin our discussion from this point. Video game consoles are computing devices that have been designed specifically for video gaming. They require a television or a monitor, which functions as an output. They weigh averagely 2-9 pounds. As they’re compact, they allow players to use them in various locations as long as there’s an electric outlet. They may use one or more storage devices like memory cards, hard disk drives, and optical disks for storing content. Each console is developed by a single manufacturing company.

The Top Video Game Console Companies 

1. Nintendo

Nintendo is a software company that has its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded in 1889 by a Japanese firm that used to produce playing cards. Since then, this company has evolved and is now among the best video manufacturing companies. It makes billions of sales with most of its revenue coming from America.

In the 1990s, Nintendo was ranked Japan’s largest card selling company. It then used this momentum to venture into other businesses like short-term “love” hotels, taxi services, and video games. However, only one of those business ventures was successful and you can guess which one. This company released its first video game console (the Color-TV Game) in 1977, which gained popularity. Since then, they’ve produced some of the most used consoles in the video gaming industry. Apart from consoles, Nintendo also develops video games like Pokemon, Star Fox, Mario, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros, etc., and toys. Its games are sold in online formats that are distributed by Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Network as well as removable formats sold as cartridge and optical disc.

The company makes a lot of money from its video consoles. Some of the models it has released include:

Nintendo Switch 

It is a one-part held and one-part home game console. It’s a hybrid console that uniquely bridges the gap between a handheld and home console. It combines gaming both on-the-go and at home. Hence you can use it anywhere you are. Nintendo Switch features a large library of first-party games and exceptional third party titles, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, etc.

Nintendo Wii

Launched in 2006, Nintendo Wii is still popular today. It features many recognizable games like New Super Mario Brothers and Super Smash Bros: Brawl. Third-party titles like House of the Dead: Overkill and Dead Space are also featured on this console. It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi adapter that allows individuals to connect to the internet wirelessly. However, some online features that were available through the Wii’s menus called channels, have been discontinued.

Nintendo DS

This is an excellent console for those who want to play a variety of handheld games but don’t have a big budget. It has several models available, including Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo Dsi that meet the needs of different players. It features a built-in wireless multi-player, a discreet microphone, and an excellent library of innovative games.

Nintendo Pros 

  • Quality consoles with a wide variety of exciting games
  • Manufactures both handheld and home video game consoles
  • Great graphic quality on their consoles

Nintendo Cons 

  • Some customers have complained of poor customer service
  • The battery life of some consoles is not long-lasting

2. Sony 

Sony, also called Sony Corporation, is a Japanese company headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, which manufactures consumer and professional electronic products. It’s among the largest video game consoles, video game publishers, and record companies. Sony owns a 50% market share in the image sensor industry, making it a significant player in Japan’s economy.

Sony was started in 1958 as a successor of the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. The name Sony comes from a combination of two words: Sonus, the root of sound and Sonic, and Sonny, which was a slang term used to call a young boy in America. Sony is known for creating new recording and storage technologies rather than adopting what other manufacturers have invented before. It was the first company to introduced U-Matic the world’s first video cassette format.

PlayStation (PS) is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is a division of Sony. It consists of five video game consoles. The first PS was released in 1994 in Japan and worldwide in the following year. Then, PlayStation 2 was released in 2000, which is up to date the best-selling home console. Sony then released PlayStation 3 in 2006, PlayStation 4 in 2013 and PlayStation 5 in 2020. Sony has several handheld game consoles, including PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. The company also sells other hardware and runs various services like The PlayStation Network, which has millions of registered users and active users monthly, and PlayStation Plus that’s an online-based service. Let’s look at some of Sony’s best-selling PS consoles.

PlayStation 2 

PlayStation 2 has changed the gaming system. Although there have been new releases, it remains the most sold PS unit to date. PS2 has one major advantage over Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox; a wide selection of exciting games. Both broadband and dial-up users can play online using its online adaptor accessory. Although it’s not the newest model, PS2 is still a powerful system and a safe investment. This device is inexpensive, easy to use, and comes with 2 controller slots that allow dual gaming. The console can be used as a DVD player. Gamers also love it for its great graphics and sounds.

PlayStation 5 

This is the most recent PS video console. Its powerful graphics and DualSense controller allows a new immersion level that wasn’t in Sony’s previous controls. Its SSD allows this system to load games within seconds and offers new ways of interacting with the console. It features a beautiful interface and gorgeous performance of games. PS5 comes with a detachable stand allowing you to position it either vertically or horizontally. It also has several ports, including USB Type-A and USB Type C ports that add an extra level of convenience.

PlayStation Vita 

It’s an impressive handheld gaming machine featuring touch capabilities, motion-sensing capabilities, and reality cameras. If you’re looking to take your console gaming experience to the next level, PS vita is your best bet. It comes with 3D graphics, an innovative lineup of games, a mix of traditional controls, and a sub HD OLED screen. It feels light and comfortable in your hands thus you can hold it for long periods. PS Vita also comes with built-in apps that are mostly focused on communication or media playback. These include WelcomePark, which gives you tutorials that’ll get you familiar with the features of the device along with Party and Group Messaging apps that allow you to chat with your PSN friends.

Sony Pros

  • Consoles feature high-quality graphics
  • Various models to choose from
  • Both handheld and home video consoles
  • Sony sells other PS accessories like Bluetooth Remote
  • Excellent gameplay on consoles
  • Multiplayer gaming option

Sony Cons

  • Some essential services like PlayStation Plus and PSN are paid for
  • Some models are expensive

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is the largest company developing computer applications and software systems. It also produces multimedia titles and books, offers email services, produces its line of hybrid computers, and sells electronic game systems and computer input and output devices.

It’s a U.S based company that has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It also has research labs in England, Bengaluru, New York, Beijing, and other countries. It was founded in 1975 when Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen converted BASIC, a computer programming language, for use on PC.

In 1981, Microsoft modified an operating system (MS-DOS) for the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), which was licensed by many personal computer manufacturers as their main OS. This generated a lot of revenue. By the 1990s, Microsoft had sold over 100 million copies defeating its rival operating systems like CP/M.

In the later years, the company expanded its electronics publishing division. It also produced a wide range of information and entertainment products. In the mid-1990s, it had become one of the most powerful and profitable companies in the history of America. It released various computer operating software like Windows OS, Windows NT, etc., and its browser Internet Browser.

In 2001, this company released the Xbox, an electronic game console that quickly became popular in the gaming market. Later in 2002, they launched Xbox Live, a gaming network for their consoles. A powerful gaming console, Xbox 360 was released in 2005. However, it struggled to acquire a solid presence because of established brands like Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii. Microsoft even had to reduce its price by 25% for it to pick up the market share. This boosted its selling rate as in 2010, Xbox 360 became the most used in America. But, this price cut reduced revenue for Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD) by 6%. Xbox One later succeeded Xbox 360 in 2013 and was later replaced by Xbox Series X and X box Series S in 2020. Let’s review some of their best-selling consoles.

Xbox One 

It’s a powerful game console that comes with a camera and a wide range of media features. Apart from many interesting games, this console features a competitive price that makes it appealing to purchase. It also comes with an intuitive user interface along with powerful hardware. Additionally, Xbox One incorporates live television using HDMI outputs, USB tuner ports as well as OneGuide.

Xbox Series X 

This is an incredible piece of hardware that’s super fast and delivers excellent performance. It features an impressive visual fidelity in games to give players a pleasurable gameplay experience. Xbox Series X comes with saving features and silent operation. Its UI is customizable and includes 802GB storage space.

Xbox Series S  

Although it is small in size, this next-gen console is very powerful. It comes with 2 USB-A ports, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI output, a power port, and a slot for storage expansion. Additionally, it features a wireless controller that is equipped with an updated D-pad, which allows users to share screenshots/clips. It also features a tile-like interface that is easy to navigate.

Microsoft Pros 

  • Excellent performance on their consoles
  • Consoles feature intuitive and appealing design
  • Affordable consoles that feature a wide library of titles

Microsoft Cons 

  • Don’t have a variety of models to choose from
  • Subscription is necessary to enjoy a variety of games

Game development company

How to Affect the Video Gaming Market 

Some of the things that affect video developers and the gaming market in general include;


Creativity in game design is a crucial factor that gamers look for. Video game developers need to design creative games and consoles otherwise they’ll lose a significant percentage of their revenue. A good example of games that portray creativity is Fortnite and Overwatch, which allow the first-person shooter.

User Interface 

A creative game design will be pointless if users can’t navigate through the game. Players decide to buy a game by reading user reviews. If past clients are not having an easy time playing, they’ll leave a bad review. Therefore, gaming companies need to create an impressive initial experience, which sometimes calls for sacrificing short-term revenues to enjoy long-term benefits.


Developers are now embracing cinematic and immersive graphics thanks to the advancement in graphics technology. Games featuring these graphics are interesting to play and watch.

Frequent Updates 

Lack of frequent and regular updates will likely cause gamer burnout. Plus, operating systems like Android and iOS are frequently refreshed. Not to mention that new products that feature different screen ratios and sizes that require frequent maintenance are being released into the market. If gaming companies don’t update their games, they could land on the wrong side of an app store or get negative reviews since the users are frustrated because of the game not working well on their new device or operating system. Therefore, developers need to also account for the costs involved in frequently updating their games.

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking for a video game console, purchasing yours from one of these companies is your safest option. They’ve all took time to invest in their consoles to ensure that players have an excellent gaming experience. Also, if you need game design and development services for PC or mobile, don’t hesitate to contact GameFactory. We’re a reputable game development company with offices in Taiwan and Myanmar. Since 2016, we’ve been providing exceptional services to our clients worldwide at an affordable price.

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