Top 3 video game console companies in 2023

Video console games are one of the most electronic devices that make the world of gaming great. Unlike in the early days, today, gaming can appear real with consoles. These devices as well have become popular today due to the experience they have in the field of gaming.

There has been a great development in video console games. For instance, the generation of video console games produced in the 1970s is far underdeveloped from today’s generation. Perhaps, today’s gaming consoles have more features to bring games into virtual reality.

Due to demand in the field of console gaming, the gaming industry is experiencing greater production of devices than ever. Indeed, it’s hard for you so far to choose the right video console gaming. Once you make your decision to shop for any console, be aware the chances to purchase from a poor manufacturer are high.

So where can you get the best video console game? With thousands of companies producing endless video console games, there are three best companies you can choose to purchase such devices from.

1.    Nintendo

Nintendo is a great company today known to produce the best video console games. The company was founded in 1889. It was originally named Nintendo Karuta[c] and majored in playing cards such as handmade hanafuda.

By the 1960s, this company had ventured into different lines of business and publicly acquired legal status. In 1977, this company designed and supplied Color TV-Game, the first console ever.

In the years after, and before 1986, Nintendo released valuable consoles such as Super Mario Bros, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Donkey Kong. Such releases gained the company international recognition.

With its great experience, the company has so far dominated a good portion of console production. For example, the video console games that have been produced successfully by this company include Nintendo DS, Switch, Wii, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Game Boy.

There are also many franchises from Nintendo which include Star Fox, Super Smash Bros, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kirby, Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, Metroid, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem.

Currently, the Nintendo Switch™ console is the most recent video console game product from Nintendo. The Switch consoles are making video gaming more enjoyable. They have various specifications that are associated with a great experience.
Specification of Nintendo Switch consoles
From the top surface of the ZL/ZR Buttons to the analog stick’s tip, the thickness measures 28.4 millimeters. When Joy-Con is attached, the measurements are 102*239*13.9, in tallness, width, and thickness respectively.

While with attachments of Joy-Con controllers, the Nintendo Switch consoles weigh around 398 grams. The normal console weighs 297 grams.

In terms of display, the console has pixels of around 1280*720, that’s, 6.2inch LCD, a capacitive touch screen. The system memory to save data is 32 GB and NVIDIA custom Tegra processor in terms of CPU/GPU.

The available communication features include Bluetooth 4.1, and a/b/g/n/ac IEEE 802.11 compatible Wireless LAN. For wired LAN connections, the available LAN adapters can be used commercially when in TV mode.

In terms of video output, an HDMI cable is the mostly used and the output is around 60fps(up to 1920*1080). In line with screen resolutions, the maximum resolution of the video output is 1280×720 when in Handheld Mode or Tabletop.

Audio outputs include stereo speakers, volume buttons or power buttons, and 5.1 ch linear PCM. HDMI cable is also used for audio output in TV Mode.

The console can be charged with a USB Type-CTM connector. This connector can also be used in connecting to the Nintendo Switch dock.
In addition, there is a mini plug stereo, 3.5 mm four pole as an audio jack. The jack is compatible with all other video game consoles.

The console also has MicroSD Card Slot that supports microSDXC memory cards, and microSDHC and Game Card Slot for game cards only.

Other specifications include a lithium-ion internal battery with 4310 mAh(can last between 4hr to 9 hrs and 3 hrs charging duration), brightness/gyroscope/accelerometer sensors, and *1: 6 kWh-estimated annual energy consumption.

Pros of Nintendo video console game
●    Games load in a snap
●    Comes with two controllers, right and left( making play extremely flexible)
●    Takes up little space in your entertainment center.
●    Internal memory is small
●    The development of Switch consoles can be challenging.

2.    Microsoft

Microsoft is an international technology company that manufactures and sells consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and other related services. The company deals in various products like internet explorer, edge web browsers, Microsoft windows operating system, and Microsoft office suite among others. The company boasts of the largest employee count of about 221000 individuals across the world. As of 2021, its revenue was at $168 billion with its operating income growing by thirty-two percent. In the game console industry, The company introduced a console game Xbox.

This American-based multinational technology company is best known for its software products like window lone operating systems among others. The company’s flagship hardware products are the Microsoft Surface lineup of touchscreen personal computers and Xbox video consoles. Ranked number twenty-one in the Fortune 500 rankings of 2020, Microsoft is the world’s largest software maker by revenue. It is among the big five and top three information technology companies besides Sony and Nintendo.

The company is set to acquire activation blizzard although unsure of whether the federal trade commission will allow its acquisition. If successful, the company will outcompete Sony as the second biggest game console company across the globe. The Xbox studio will result in a dizzying number of tentpole gaming franchises under one roof with diablo, Duty, and warcraft connecting a group that includes fallout, gears of war, psychonauts, fallout, age of empires, doom, Minecraft, and hallo.

This is several steps ahead of their gaming companies because the company has built a roaster from scratch for over thirty years. The company’s filings show that it plans to utilize subsidiary king Activision Blizzard, and developers of mobile game companies like bubble witch and candy crash to form a beachhead for its Xbox game console in the lucrative mobile game sector.

The Xbox is a home video console game and the first installment in the Xbox series of video game consoles by Microsoft. The game is classified as a 6th generation console rivaling Nintendo’s GameCube and Playstation 2 by Sony.
Specifications of each console
The Xbox game console is majorly established on AMD’s current generation Zen 2 processor via AMD’s rDNA 2 microarchitecture so probably established on the process of Navi 7 nanometer.  The system features an eight-core custom Zen 2 processor CPU that runs at 3.66 GHz with concurrent multithreading. The system’s GPU is made of a custom RDNA 2 processor at 1.825Ghz with fifty-two CUs to form about teraflops.

With this, Microsoft becomes the higher-end gaming console. The system also includes hardware 16 GB RAM, a 2.1 HDMI connection, an optical drive for game discs, and a 1TB solid-state drive. Its SSD is anticipated to integrate a new feature Xbox velocity architecture to enable developers to use the 100 Gb of game assets. It also has a 1 terabyte separate expansion drive that can plug into the Xbox series x to offer space for game storage. This is designed to feature a similar architecture and deliver similar performance as internal storage.

The external drives can as well work with the Xbox series x though they can only store the game information and transfer them to the expansion or SSD Drive for the games to play. It is also integrated with the Direct X 12 ultimate which is the company’s programming interface’s latest version. With these, the Xbox will be able to drive higher frame rates: 4K resolution at one twenty frames per second featuring variable rage refresh support when connected to monitors 120 frames in each second. It claims an 8k capability upscaled and at a lower frame rate.

●    It has an excellent user experience
●    Features a comfortable controller
●    Has a sophisticated voice control
●    Its Kinect voice commands are powerful
●    The television’s pass-through is easy and lag-free.
●    Strong launch lineup

●    It has no clear standout launch title
●    Its kindest voice commands are not reliable
●    It has no media playback from the USB
●    The controller has no rechargeable battery.

3.    Sony group cooperation

Sony game console company is an international corporation based in Minato. The company’s primary segments comprise the game, network, and technology services, music, imaging, and sensing solutions, and financial services. As of 2021, the company’s consolidating operation sales and consolidating revenue rose to JPY 9921500 million and an employee base of over one hundred and eight thousand, nine hundred employees.

This Japanese multinational conglomerate firm is a major tech firm that operates as a major technology firm. It is among the world’s largest video game plumbing companies and also a game console company. Via its entertainment inc, sony is one of the largest film studios hence the most comprehensive media companies out here. It is the most cash-rich company in Japan.

Sony group corporation has a 55% market share in the image sensor market and is the largest image sensor manufacturer, among the top leaders of semiconductor selling companies, and the second largest camera manufacturer and seller. Sony is also among the largest global players in the premium television market.
Specifications for sony game console

The sony gamevconosloe has various specifications
4k gaming
The 4k gaming feature enables the PS4 pro to natively run games at 3840 by 2160 resolution rate at up to sixty frames per second. This feature can upscale content from 1080 p to 4 K. If a user has only an HDTV, they can still benefit from the PS4 pro based on how the developer will choose to boost the processing power. The ps4 pro support enables games to deliver more consistent and higher frame rates, high character models and environmental details increased or begged visual quality and visual enhancements.

HDR (high dynamic range
The PlayStation 4 pro is consistent with the specifications of HDR10. HDR is a display standard that enables high color depth with higher contrast than the Standard Dynamic Range featured in the conventional HDTV. Generally, the content led by HDR produced a richer and fuller image close to what the human eye can see. This implies that deeper black levels contain fine details, a wider spectrum, and brighter highlights than on conventional HDTVs.
4.2 teraflops
The ps4 ‘s graphics processing unit entails a wide array of 36 compute units as per the Polaris architecture that generates 4.2 teraflops of processing power that can be freely applied to simulations of tasks, graphics, or a combination of the two. The PS4 also features 8GB Unified memory highly achievable content richness and game creation easiness. The GDDR5 helps in memory expansion granting the system over 218 gigabytes of bandwidth and also an increase in the performance of graphics.

Curated and personalized content
Ps4 can learn the user’s preferences by gauging the user’s likes and therefore suggest content that fits the dislikes and likes. With this users will discover more personalized content the ps4 can even install the content on your console. Users can search for games in their favorite genres or by their favorite game developers or even through game-related information from friends or even get recommendations from family and friends.

Remote play
The ps4 helps remote-play users stream gameplay from it at 1080 pixels. In addition to that, the share play isdfs on PS4pto or standard PS4 will as well stream gameplay from a different Ps4 pro at up to 1080p.

The PlayStation app
The app enables android and iOS tablets and smartphones to act as screens for the PlayStation 4 pro. After installation users can do various activities on them including purchasing games, downloading ps4 pro games, and also viewing game items.
Dual shock 4 wireless controller
The dual shock 4 wireless controllers have related controls from the predecessor while bringing new ways of interacting with players of other games. The trigger buttons and analog sticks provide precise control. The share button offers an easy sharing of gameplay on social media.

●    Excellent visuals
●    Smooth and quick game loading
●    Dual sense controller with haptics with audio for a unique experience.

●    The game sometimes can make high pitched noise
●    The ps4 can sometimes lag when loading.

Bottom Line
As far as the video game industry continues to expand, the development of these consoles remains the most important ideal today. There are several companies that have specialized in game development, however, how to get a legit one remains a challenge. Fortunately, GameFactory is the most guaranteed game development company today. It was initially established in late 2016 with offices in both Taiwan and Myanmar. GameFactory provides R&D, game design, and development for both PC/Console and mobile gaming for people worldwide for a fraction of the cost. You can visit their website and understand more about what they offer.

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