Is Unity game engine difficult?

Unity game engine

Unity game development

Unity game engine is among the most popular games that keep you on the driver’s seat. It gives you a chance to experience realistic rides in many of the gamers’ favorite modern titles. One of Unity technologies’ greatest competitors is the Unreal engines. With both of them delivering on the best of their services, it turns out difficult for developers to distinguish which one among the two is the best. Understanding this challenge, we dedicated our time and efforts to give you the difference between the two. We aim to show you why you should consider game factory developers in game development for outstanding results.

How long has the two been in the market?

Unreal engine has been in the market for almost 21 years now. Started back in 1998, the Unreal engine has a long history of success. It was a development by Tim Sweeney together with Epic Games. With its long time in the industry, almost all categories of games have something to do with it in their creation. Excellent examples include Splinter Cell, the Original Deus Ex, as well as the Unreal Tournament games.On the other side, the Unity engine has been in the market for the last 14 years. It’s a development by unity developers, initially supporting the OS X titles only. However, today the Unity engine supports a wide variety of gaming platforms. Among the most famous titles that adopt its use include the Temple Run which is popular among many gamers across the globe. Others include Pillars of Eternity II, Rust as well as 2017’s Animal Crossing and Pocket Camp.

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Which of the two engines should you consider using?

When it comes to selecting the better of the two engines, the choice entirely depends on the developer’s aim, goals, and visions. Such will include your interest in 3D Platforms, RPG’s and FPS’s.You can consider the Unreal engine for 3D games such as X-COM, and Splinter Cell series. Soon they will release a similar game “Final Fantasy VII.” Unreal engine is a firm foundation in the creation of the Nextgen Graphics and Physics.
On the other hand, unity game development engine is versatile and a good choice for mobile game developers. Unity Android development projects have seen the establishment of favorite games such as the widely known Temple run. For developers who want to care for mobile and flash gamers, Unity game development engine should be their choice.
Unity engine is also a perfect selection for development of the 2D games or the puzzle-based. The good thing with Unity developer engine is the fact that they have tools and a user interface that’s easily accessible by people who shares little knowledge of game designs. That’s, if you’re a beginner, the engine will work as a stepping stone to complicated drivers.


When it comes to availability, you need to select an engine that supports a large number of platforms. In this case, Unity mobile game development engines outrun the Unreal engine. Unreal will support ten gaming platforms. On the other hand, Unity game development engine supports more than 25 gaming platforms. Therefore, many developers who have an open aim in terms of diversity would love to pick the unity engine.

The Size of the Active Community

When it comes to several active users, the two engines feature a large community. The two comes with easy to access features, and these are what make the two very popular. Users will contribute facts about the games as well as the engines themselves. When it comes to this aspect, it’s tough to determine the best as the two feature excellent features. You can, therefore, sit back and enjoy their forums of ideas as a user during the development time.


When it comes to the price in using either of the two, it’s free of charge. Therefore, whether you’re running on a budget or not, you can always enjoy great results at an affordable free rate.


When it comes to coding, there is a difference. The unreal will use Blueprint in which you don’t have to be a qualified coder. On the other hand, Unity game development engine uses C# which is a bit complicated. However, they offer tutorial guides to make sure that you don’t mess up with the process.
Both the Unreal and Unity engines are worth and most effective in game development. But if you are looking for excellent mobile game developers, GameFactory is the place for you. They are unique with R&D games designs for both Mobile and PC gadgets, and they do excellent work in Unity outsourcing. Also, their pricing is affordable for all customers. Visit them via, for a chance to learn more about their services. They do also have physical offices in Myanmar and Taiwan.



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