The Biggest Gaming Companies and How Much They

best gaming companies

The Biggest Gaming Companies and How Much They

The Biggest Gaming Companies and How Much They

As an avid online gamer, you have probably wondered which are the biggest companies in this realm and what they are worth. Take a look at our compilation of the best gaming companies and the amount of cash that each of them holds.

Tencent Games companies

Tencent Games

This Chinese Best gaming companies may be relatively new in the gaming world, but it has the experience of a company that has been open for centuries.

It is safe to say that the company’s founder did proper research before embarking on this journey considering that the organization is valued at a staggering $552 billion. One of its most famous provisions that contributed to its popularity is the Honor of Kings.

Other than creating games of its own, Tecent hs partnered other Best gaming companies such as PUBG, Supercell, Riot Games, and Miniclip to generate more content for players all over the world. With the creation of its new gaming platform, WeGame, Tencent is likely to lure an excessive number of players considering that the platform will provide games and intel on gaming matters to gamers and developers globally. These are a few of the factor that puts Tecent on the list of the best game publishers.

Sony Interactive Gaming companies

Sony Interactive Gaming

Sony has been operational for decades now. It has the experience that is required to lead in the gaming industry. This is probably the reason why it is among the best game publishers globally. Aside from that, the company is significant in regards to the number.

With thousands of employees working for it all over the globe, it is no wonder the company is unbeatable in this sector. Sony comes up with the newest gaming technology that players appreciate. Most other companies copy from Sony. Take for example the PlayStation.

It was launched over 20 years ago but has managed to gain popularity among the gaming community. Other companies copied from its idea to come up with gaming resources of their own. Sony currently has a net worth of 58.28 billion USD.

Microsoft Studios gaming companies

Microsoft Studios

Coming next in line is Microsoft Studios. Most people associate the organization with software technology but not gaming. Even so, this has not stopped Microsoft from coming up with brilliant gaming concepts that have managed to attract a decent crowd. Some of its most prominent gaming consoles include Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox one x, and Xbox 360 among many more.

If you own a Microsoft-powered device, you have probably come across some of its prominent games such as Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft ultimate word games, minesweeper, and other Microsoft card collections.

Age of Empires, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon are some of the games that have created massive wealth for this organization. At 37.2 billion net worth, this company seems to have found the secret of success in the gaming world. As such, it has landed a spot at the table of the best game companies of all time.

Activation Blizzard companies

Activation Blizzard

When Activation Blizzard was launched in 2008, it had a single division. Ten years down the line, this company has five divisions each handling a specific business. As one of the best game developers of all time, this company has tried to keep up with the pace of the ever-increasing demands of online gamers.

This is achieved through the creation of new games every so often. A few of these games are the likes of World of Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. These and many more productions have helped boost Blizzard’s net worth to a whopping 17.8 billion USD as of December 2018.

Nintendo gaming companies


Back in the day, it was a crime not to own a Nintendo console. This, of course, was because they had dropped a few games that had spiked the interest of many kids. Mario and Pokemon were the most famous creations of this company. Not so many other organizations had mastered the art of creating graphically appealing sets at that time.

Fast forward several years later, this gaming entity is still trying to stay relevant in this industry. One of its newest creations, Switch, has managed to keep the company trending. However, Nintendo has a few hurdles to jump before it can reach the level of some of the bigwigs in the gaming industry. Even so, $6 billion plus is not such a bad figure.

Best gaming companies conclusion

So there you have it! These are the biggest rgp video game companies as of now. Let us wait and see how these and other top game studio names are going to work to ensure they keep their current position or move up the ladder.



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