The Value of the largest gaming Companies in the Market

gaming companies

 The Value of the largest gaming Companies in the Market

The gaming industry is one of the most oblivious theatres in the entertainment industry that is seemingly growing at a fast rate. Companies in this business accumulate millions of dollars that contribute to the growth of their respective countries economy. However, not all companies strive to maintain a top ranking among the many gaming companies we have in this market. When humans first learned about online gaming and how fun it could be could, the video game crash of 1983 came in place. This company, in other words, was called the Atari Shock in Japan and was attributed to several factors like market saturation in the console, game availabilities, and the waning interest in a gaming console that favored personal laptops.

Since then many gaming companies have come in place to offer quality online games simulated in either 3D or 2D. In this article, we are going to narrow down on best gaming companies and their gaming to net value in the industry.

1). Apple

gaming companies


Among the riches gaming companies, Apple is rated as the richest company with a net worth of US€526.82 billion. Apart from it being rich, it is ranked top among the most profitable gaming companies in this industry. Apple gaming company gained its popularity with the introduction of the iPhone, which came way-back before the Android OS. Apple committed its royalty in development of Candy Crush and the Clash of kings that were games what took the shape of the gaming industry at the beginning.

Surprisingly, Apple today has created the first ever-gaming robot called the MekaMon that you connect to your smartphone and aid you in augmenting the reality of the game.

2). Microsoft

gaming companies


When people hear the word Microsoft, what comes to their mind is the development of windows for the phone. What they fail to realize is that Microsoft is another company in the gaming industry ranked top among various gaming companies. Apart from Apple, Microsoft was ranked among the biggest gaming companies in 2018 with its trend in growth seemingly increasingly at a fast rate.

Microsoft is the developer of the famous games The Gear of War series and has a net worth of close to US€402.06 billion.

3). Tencent

gaming companies


Tencent is a Chinese video gaming company ranked top among top gaming companies in China. Over the past years, Tencent could not be listed anywhere close to best gaming companies, but recently it has grown tremendously to surpass other companies that have been in this industry for long. It stands the only company that has the highest record in revenue accumulation as per the financial report of 2018.

Tencent who are steady supporters of Moba League of the legends, which is a football league in China has been praised in promoting local games in China up to global level. Tencent has a net worth of US€197.4Billion and has recently signed a deal with Danish toymaker Lego to help them in promoting the online gaming industry.

4). Activation Blizzard

gaming companies
Activation Blizzard


Activation Blizzard is the home origin of games like the Destiny, call of Duty series, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and the famous Diablo game. This company has five operating units namely the Blizzard Entertainment, the Activision, the Major League Gaming, and the Studio of Activision Blizzard. All these units help in overall operations of activation Blizzard.

This company has a net value of US€29.93 Billion and has recently launched into the market the Blizzard Overwatch league that is an input collaboration with Fusion.

5). Electronic Arts

gaming companies
Electronic Art


Electronic Art is the oldest gaming company among all gaming companies. They are the developers of famous games like FIFA, NBA, and the NFL. The company is based in the US and has acquired the famous DICE, which are the developers of the Battlefield franchise. They have also partnered with Disney to become the solemn distributor of all-star War games.

6). Sony Computers

gaming companies

 Sony, apart from developing mobile software and selling electronic, has a reputation in developing video console games in the world. Its PS2 is the longest selling consoles at the time and the largest solemn competitor to Microsoft in the industry of video gaming. Sony has a net worth of US€17.49 Billion.


The above is the leading gaming companies with the highest net value. They also have the best quality of online gaming. And GameFactory is another gaming company. This company was developed in 2016 and had its offices in Taiwan and Myanmar. It has a reputation in the provision of R&D, game design services, development of both PC and Console and mobile gaming services to its clients across the world. Their services are of high standard and quite affordable.

Make a point of visiting a website to play the game of your choice.



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