10 highly efficient practices of mobile game development with Game-Factory

mobile game development

10 highly efficient practices of mobile game development with Game-Factory

The mobile application market is currently booming thanks to advanced tech that has graced the mobile device space seen in recent decades. These new technologies have inspired several game developers to come up with new gaming ideas to satisfy the growing appetite for gaming applications, especially mobile gaming applications. Gaming apps only take second place against the dominant and popular social media apps. Hence, this market is enormous and need to be tapped into.

Developing a gaming app is not easy, and it may require a lot of learning. However, there are practices if adhered to, helps in creating the best gaming app regardless of the level of expertise possessed. This article provides the checklist below to spell out the ten most efficient practices for developing a gaming app for Android, iOS and some gaming consoles.

  1. Begin with Baby Steps

mobile game development
Begin with baby steps

Game-Factory has a lot of advanced gaming development features and tools which can tempt newbies game developers to incorporate them into their game for enhanced experiences. However, operating the tools require in-depth knowledge which many game development beginners do not possess. Hence, it is wise to use simple details in a gaming app to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

  1. Avoid Frustration with Error Messages

mobile game development
Avoid Frustration with Error Messages

In case a script exists in your gaming app that is blocking Game-Factory from gathering scripts and recording, an alert pops up on the testing tab to notify the developer of an existing problem. Furthermore, the warning is supplemented with information about the cause of the error.

  1. Handle Garbage Collection to Enhance Performance

Mobile Game Development

Continuous garbage collection in a mobile gaming app hinders the overall performance of an app. Clearing a game memory of unused data affects how the entire game operates because it uses a lot of virtual infrastructures to achieve its objectives. These processes, in turn, slows down the app. Game-Factory optimization techniques put in place to counter these problems is organizing the scheduling of the garbage collection process.

  1. Utilize Profiler

Mobile game development with Game-Factory is a prospect every fresh game developer always wants their first game app to be associated with. Factor in the Profiler which keeps a game developer informed of the problems affecting the performance of a game. Such features are what are makes Game-Factory the best mobile game development software in the market.

  1. Understand Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Preservation and replication of codes is a prevalent problem in the app development industry. However, if you are developing your mobile game development with unity, these problems need not trouble you.

Taking a very brief course in abstract classes and interfaces from famous game developing companies like GameFactory goes a long way in running a gaming app efficiently. Mobile game development with unity helps C# developers to prevent cases of maintenance glitches and replication of scripts.

  1. Use Test-Driven Development Offered by Unity

Test-driven development (TDD) is a taxing endeavor that many game developers wish that they would not be dealing with. However, it is an essential stage in maintaining the integrity of a gaming app. Mobile gamed development software in the market makes this process very off-putting step in developing a gaming application.

But, mobile game development with Game-Factory frees a software developer from this nightmarish experience by incorporating an email pop up which notifies a developer of the progress of a test.

  1. GIT

When doing your mobile game development with Game-Factory, one does not have to be worried about the tasks of conserving text assets as well as managing codes. Hence, GIT's developed infrastructure helps in making a gaming application secure against unauthorized accesses.

  1. Apply Clear Metafile

Visible metafiles are important when you are focusing your mobile game development with Game-Factory. It becomes a significant aspect in organizing and availing your game’s information database to be accessed and used for making the experience in your gaming application unforgettable.

  1. Utilize Force Text

The choice of force text option to use in a gaming application determines how AssetsBundles and Assets are stored and presented in your gaming application. Saving Assets in text form is important in version control combination. This merging assists in correcting differences in prefabs, assets, and scenes.

These features are facilitated with Game-Factory which makes it be categorized along with the most efficient game engines currently in the market.

  1. Pool the Development Process

Coming up with new features, characters and objects for every scene in a game can be very draining both financially and in terms of energy. Hence, it is wise to use the same assets on different games and settings of the game to help in maximizing on the resource used in the development of a gaming app.

The replication of scenes will not be a problem because of Game-Factory 3d download assists in making every scene as unique as possible.


Game-Factory is one of its kind gaming engines which develops great gaming apps which can be designed once and be installed in any operating system without any problems. Moreover, it offers after-sale services for its clients to guide them in the initial stages of development of a gaming app.



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