Top 10 Mobile Gaming Companies in 2019

top gaming companies

With vigorous advancement in technology, gaming on mobile has become widespread with many companies venturing in this kind of business. This trend has been enabled by the fact that almost everyone across the world has access to an android phone. To your surprise, companies producing Android smartphones are not going down any time soon so do not expect the global game market value to go down as well.This is especially true of top gaming companies.

Top 10 Top Gaming Companies rankings

For any business company to rise in the ranking of its search engine, it depends solemnly on how people visit their website. This fact also applies in any game company ranking. How frequent people visit a gaming company website to play a game or download, directly impacts on a company’s chance of being rank among other top gaming companies we have in the industry. With the above in mind, let us look through ten companies among the top gaming companies we have across the world.

  1. sony companies


    According to the gaming market analysis of 2019, Sony is now the top-ranked gaming company among all the gaming companies. Millions of people also rank it as the best company in the development of a mobile game app used across the world. This company develops in Tokyo Japan by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Maruta in 1946. In 2017, Sony was ranked position 105th in the Fortune 500 global listing, but since then its rating increase tremendously. This company has employed over €126,000 people across the globe.

  1. Tencent Holding limited

    Tencent Holding limited

    This is another giant company ranked second among the top gaming companies across the globe. It has dominated the gaming market for a couple of years and stood among the best video game companies to work for 2018.

Tencent holding rank the sixth largest internet services company provider across the world. It starts in 1988 by a group of elites called Ma Huateng, Xu Chen Yidan, Zhang Zhidong and the Zeng Liqing in China. It has a net income worth €35 billion with 400,000 employees across the globe.

  1. Supercell Oy


    Supercell is another gaming company in Finland founded in 2010 and offer a variety of games that you can play online or download. That offers favorite games like Clash of Clans that has helped the company grow more significantly. It has a net value of €10 billion.

  1. Google


    Google is another giant company in the provision of gaming services. According to the game market trend, Google has the widest variety of games you can play and download. Their gaming servers situate in California US. Other top gaming companies across the globe consider Google as their topmost competitors in the industry.

Gaming services in Google incorporate into the system in 1998 by two scholars Larry Page and his friend Sergey Brin who were studying Ph. D at Stanford University. Since then they have grown to become a giant with a net worth of €8 billion.

  1. Apple Inc

    Apple Inc

    Apple Inc is ranked fifth among the top gaming companies across the world. It is one of the most significant designers and manufactures of mobile devices across the globe. Gaming services in this company incorporate in 1976 and have its headquarters in California. It has a net worth of €13 billion with over 120, 000 employees and 500 retail shops globally.

  1. Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts

    Electronic art is the second largest mobile gaming company in America and some region of Europe. It offers a quality platform in market sharing and revenue. EA start in 1982 by Trips Hawkins a former employee of Apple Inc. It has its offices in California with an annual net worth of €10 billion.

  1. Sega companies


    Sega is based in Japan and was founded in 1960 as a multinational video developer of games. It has produced several games like the Head On, Monaco GP, the Carnival among other favorite games. Sega rank the most active site during the golden era of the arcade. It has a net worth of 4.9 Billion.

  1. Activation Blizzard

    Activation Blizzard

    Activation Blizzard is another company rank top ten among the top gaming companies globally. It starts because of the Vivendi games and Activision that occurred in 2008. Activation Blizzard has its offices in California U S with a net worth of €4.85 billion. They have further ventured into other development business like the Treyarch and Infinity studios.

  1. Nintendo


    Nintendo is a Japanese gaming company ranked top ten among other top gaming companies. Their head offices located in Kyoto Japan. Nintendo owns the Nintendo systems of Entertainment, the Nintendo 64, the Game Cube, and the Nintendo

Wii. They have a reputation in creating handheld gaming devices that have changed the gaming industry.

  1. Game Factory

    Game Factory

    GameFactory is another giant gaming company that has surpassed hundreds of other companies to emerge top ten in the list of top gaming companies in the whole world. It becomes full operation in late 2016 and has since then created an exemplary reputation in the provision of R&D, game design, and development of PC as well as mobile gaming for millions of people across the world. Their cost service is friendlier to people of any social class.


Though no one thought mobile gaming would develop when mobile devices introduce, as we speak almost everyone today who has a smartphone has a game installed in his or her phone or has had an encounter with a mobile game.

You now have information on where to access the quality game. Make your choice today and stay entertained.



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