What Games Would Look Like Without Outsourcing

games outsourcing

We have grown so fond of online games, especially since they have appealing graphics and highly addictive play options. But, have you ever wondered what your favorite game would look like if there were no Games outsourcing services? Read along to see what you would be working with if this were the case.

What is games Outsourcing?
games outsourcing


games outsourcing

Definition of Games Outsourcing

Before we explore the question at hand, let us look at the definition of games outsourcing. In the gaming realm, perfectionism is the order of the day. This requires a specialist who is dedicated to doing a seamless job. Specialists are expensive to pay, especially in Western countries. As such, gaming companies look for a cheaper option from people in developing countries to do this work. This is what is known as Games outsourcing.

Game Development Outsourcing Companies and Outsourcing Ecology

Most companies aim to create various games within their business calendar. In all occasions, this calls for the use of a developer. Most of these creative gurus ask for pay per job they do. This can be quite expensive especially for organizations that are known to create various games in a year. To ensure that you enjoy the uppermost class of sets all through, most companies have employed the use of outside developers and graphic designers. Not only do they perform a brilliant task, but they are not as costly as full-time employees.

India as a contractor for Game Outsourcing Development

This brings us to the question, what would video games look like without game development outsourcing companies? Since these services are expensive, companies would have to create a few games for them to stay afloat financially. Even so, these games would have a few defects in regards to the visuals. Take for example companies like Creatiosoft Solutions and Dhruva Interactive. These India-based companies are known to provide art, animation, sound, and music among other services.

When Game Development Outsourcing Is Missing

Some of the most respected names in the technology industry such as IOS, Android, and Windows have solicited for the services of these companies to aid them in creating top-notch sets that are mobile compatible. So take one of your favorite mobile games and imagine what it would look like without these effects.

Games that have outsourced for visual effects would look like blocks of colorful items moving about the screen. Even worse, the color would not be as attractive considering that the job seems like it is a patchwork. On the other hand, looking at games that have outsourced for sound and music, things would be much worse. Try and picture your favorite game without any sound effects. Would you still play it? Now take another example of a game whose entire graphics have been outsourced. Scrap these additives from the game and see what remains. Not pretty right? In most cases, a majority of gamers would quit playing their favorite video games if the 2D and 3D game outsourcing companies relinquished their rights from the companies they partner with.

Aftermath when 2D Game Art Outsourcing Disappears

games outsourcing

Aftermath when 2D Game Art Outsourcing Disappears

Party , 2D Game Art Outsourcing

Look at things this way, is it worth your time to sit down and pick a gun that looks like a stick, and shoot at objects that you cannot identify? I bet your answer is no and here are the reasons. Achieving the game objectives will be an uphill task considering that you will end up killing your team members, now that nothing is visible. Also, how are you going to receive instructions from your commander if the sound is distorted?

Top Game Outsourcing Companies

Unfortunately, with the way the dynamics of online gaming are changing, it is impossible not to outsource. There is high competition out there, and if a company is to stay relevant to its clients, this is one of the routes that they have to take to succeed. Some of the top games outsourcing companies globally include:

Most of these companies are based in Asia, especially India and Malaysia. However, this is not to say that there are no other providers from other regions.


Every gamer out there needs to be thankful that someone thought it wise to outsource game programming from a secondary organization. If not, the state of their most-beloved game would have been dire. So every time you pick up your phone or console to play a particular game, be grateful that someone out there provides affordable 2D game art outsourcing services to gaming companies.



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