Graphics Card Revolution: Steam Hardware Survey Reveals Dominance of GTX 1650 and Decline of GTX 1060

In this article, we will delve into the recent Steam hardware survey, specifically focusing on the trends of graphics card usage. The main keyword emphasized throughout our discussion is ‘graphics card’.

Steam Hardware Survey: Reign of GTX 1650 Continues

According to Steam’s June 2023 player hardware survey, the popular graphics card GTX 1650 continues to hold its leading position, with a usage rate of 5.67%. Despite a slight decline of 0.40% from the previous month, it still firmly retains the top spot.

Mid-Range Graphics Card Rising Star: RTX 3060

Worth noting is that the graphics card market is going through a transformation. The RTX 3060 has successfully surpassed the once legendary GTX 1060, ascending to the second place with a usage rate of 4.74%, thereby becoming the key representative of mid-range graphics cards.

GTX 1060: A Relic of the Past?

Insights from the hardware survey suggest that the GTX 1060, although popular in the past, is witnessing a gradual decline in usage rate to 4.58%. The much-touted motto of ‘1060 fighting on for another decade’ seems to be fading, indicating it might become a memory of the past.

Graphics Card Upstart: RTX 3080

However, there’s another graphics card silently rising – the RTX 3080. Currently ranking 13th, its usage rate has already hit 2.02% and is steadily climbing.

High-End Graphics Card Trend: RTX 40 Series

In the high-end graphics card market, the overall usage rate of the GeForce RTX 40 Series is consistently increasing. Specifically, the RTX 4090’s user base has reached 0.56%, showing a growth of 0.12% from the last month.

In conclusion, we see a clear transition in the graphics card market and a change of guard from old to new graphics cards. The Steam hardware survey gives us a glimpse of potential major shifts in the future graphics card market. With technological advancement and evolving player demands, the development and transformation of the graphics card market will continually be driven forward.

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