Dinter, Prominent Streamer and Head of Esports Team Beyond Gaming, Wins Lawsuit Against Game Orange – Taiwan Gaming Scene Updates

In a significant legal ruling in Taiwan’s gaming industry, popular streamer and head of esports team Beyond Gaming, Dinter, emerged victorious in a lawsuit against game developer Game Orange. The dispute, commonly referred to as the “Purple Cloth Incident,” originated from Dinter’s experience with the mobile game “Lineage M”

In 2021, after investing a significant amount of money into the game, Dinter discovered that the creation rate of an in-game item, the “purple cloth,” was considerably lower than what was officially announced. Citing Taiwan’s consumer protection laws, Dinter sought damages from Game Orange.

After approximately five months of court proceedings, the Shilin District Court in Taipei issued a first-instance judgment on July 21, 2023. The court ruled in favor of Dinter, ordering Game Orange to compensate him with a sum of 7.84 million New Taiwan Dollars.

In response to the ruling, Game Orange promptly issued a statement, reaffirming their stance that there had been no false advertising involved. The company also disclosed that they are considering an appeal. Furthermore, Game Orange appealed to Dinter to return to rational discussions and called for more player participation in improving Taiwan’s gaming ecosystem.

This lawsuit has attracted considerable attention, with Game Orange continuously emphasizing the absence of false advertising in the game mechanics of “Lineage M” and Dinter persistently claiming infringement of his rights. The case offers fresh perspectives on the relationship between Taiwan’s gaming industry and consumer protection laws, with the hope that it will lead some players to better understand and improve the gaming mechanics.

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